Geico Tops Ward’s 50 Again


10The fastest growing auto insurance company in the country, aside from achieving the third spot in relation to the largest auto insurance providing company in the United States has been named as the top financial insurer of Ward’s 50 high-performing insurers in terms of financial help. GEICO, or the Government Employees Insurance Company, has earned the top spot in Ward’s 50 for the twentieth time in the past consecutive years!

Ward’s 50 is a list of the country’s top insurance companies wherein the companies who makes it in the list are successful in maintaining a consistent and safe height of excess and premiums. They have also maintained a constant net income, for having their capital ratio that is based on a risk free system and finally for having a reliable multifaceted annual growth. These companies have also proved to have created an excellent profit on their standard impartiality and assets, their total revenue, in the development of their revenue, have excess written premiums and are of ratio with an average of five years.

GEICO has been setting up various helpful and carefully developed strategies that has led to the management of many new insurance policies that a lot of consumers have benefited from. With these various innovations and ideas introduced, presented and developed by GEICO they have become United States’ fastest developing vehicular insurance company as well becoming the third largest private vehicular insurance policy provider of the country. The award presented to GEICO has been a very much significant achievement for the company since they have worked hard enough to deserve it.

The qualifiers of the Ward’s 50 have been thoroughly studied and scrutinized with the help of a series of financial functioning procedures. They were also studied with the effectiveness of their stability in their businesses and for their ability to welcome and entertain customers as well as their probable investors.

GEICO was first awarded the honor of the entering the highly studied list in 1991 and back then it was Ward Group which provided the ratings. Aside from being one of the most awarded auto insurance company of the generation and most likely even to the next one, GEICO is among the Berkshire Hathaway group of companies and is among the largest private passenger vehicular insurance company of the country and in fact ranks as the third. The company has provided and is providing vehicular insurance policies to over 9 million American consumers and makes auto insurance policies available to over 16 million American cars roaming the entire country.

GEICO also provides insurance policies, not only to cars, but also to boats, ATV’s (or all-terrain vehicles), motorcycles, RV’s or moving houses, houses and apartments, and they give life insurance and personal protection insurance.