Elephant Auto Insurance Lends Help To Gulf Oil Spill Cleanup


24Elephant Auto Insurance is all set to lend a hand at the cleanup efforts in the Gulf oil spill case. While most people are voicing their concern on the adverse effects this will have on the environment, Elephant has realized that it could play a role in the cleanup efforts and hence contribute to the environment.

It is knows that along with causing considerable damage to the environment, the oil spill is also bound to affect the wildlife along the Gulf Coast. This makes it all the more important to fix the problem at the earliest. Elephant Auto Insurance is announcing a campaign in this regard. The campaign will help them raise money that will be handed over to the National Wildlife Foundation to help save the wildlife to the extent possible.

The National Wildlife Foundation is an organization that had its inception on April 20. This organization is situated in the Gulf of Mexico and are mainly involved in “Search and Rescue” of wildlife along the Gulf coast. By joining hands with them, Elephant Auto Insurance, the company that is offering auto insurance not just online but also on phone, is sure to make a positive impact in the efforts being made to minimize the damage caused die to the oil spill.

The camping launched newly is called “Elephant’s Give for the Gulf” and will be functional the whole of July. As per the campaign, a $10.00 contribution will be made by Elephant Auto Insurance to National Wildlife Foundation for every online quote that is accessed during this period.

As you check the auto insurance quotes, a contribution will be made to the National Wildlife Foundation. Andrew Rose, CEO of Elephant Insurance Company is sure that this will make a tremendous impact and said this would not just help in the relief work, but also help many people and make an impact on their livelihoods.

He said that this was one way the company could help people make a contribution to the environment. The company mainly plans to give the best auto insurance quotes and help people save money and is making an effort to do so. Even if people did not find the auto insurance rates competent enough, they would be making their share of help by checking the quotes online. He also emphasized that there was no obligation for consumers when they have to check the quotations online.