Car Surfing and Other Risky Driving Behaviours and Stunts Associated with Teenage Drivers


Car surfing is a dangerous past time usually performed by teenagers.  Being young and reckless many teenagers are thrill seekers and are known to engage in extremely risky endeavours.  With car surfing, a person or a group of individuals hangs on to the hood of a car, while it is in motion.   Just recently, a group of youngsters were apprehended by police for car surfing. The driver, an 18 year old male is now facing criminal charges and would most probably have his auto insurance premium hiked following the incident.

MOBURF-00002479-001According to police reports, the male driver was seen behind the wheel of a car with a group of young girls hanging precariously on its hood.  This however did not stop there as the driver took a tight turn, which made the girls lose grip and sent them tumbling down the road. As a result of the incident, the girls suffered injuries to the head and body. The car, which was estimated to be travelling at 25 mph at that time, would have executed a donut if not for the girls being thrown off the vehicle.

A concerned citizen then called up 911 to report the incident and the police promptly went to the scene to investigate.  Upon arrival, the responding officers approached the subject vehicle, and found inside two girls in their early teens, the driver and another male companion.  The girls appeared to have suffered injuries all over their body.  Upon further checking, they also discovered that the car had missing license plates.

The driver however denied doing the stunt but the police were not convinced and promptly escorted them to jail.  Authorities are planning to file child abuse charges against the young driver as the girls are still minors.

His woes will not end here as his auto insurance will surely respond accordingly by raising his premium fees.

Cases like these do not come as a surprise as teenagers generally speaking are known to be impulsive and reckless. Auto insurance companies view them as high risk, and studies show that teens get involved in more auto accidents than all other age groups.  Fatalities due to collisions are also higher in this age group which can be attributed to their propensity to drive at high speeds.

Apart from driving fast, other risky behaviours observed in many teenagers that make them more prone to accidents include, tendency to talk on the phone or text while driving, drinking even under the influence of alcohol, and foolhardiness.  Most of the times however, accidents occur among teenage drivers mainly because they lack the knowledge, know-how and experience to handle sudden or critical situations.