Auto thefts are on the decline and is the lowest since 1967


Auto thefts are on the decline and is the lowest since 1967Auto thefts in the US have reached the lowest levels since 1967. There had been a drop of 7.2% during 2010. It is the 7th consecutive year that there has been a decline in auto thefts and this is largely due to the safety features as well as measures taken by the police force. This has acted as deterrents state experts in the auto insurance sector.

The number of thefts has declined steadily. The figures were at 794,616 during 2009, but there has been a decline of 7.2% during 2010, as per the preliminary reports from the National Insurance Crime Bureau. The non-profit trade group stated that Dallas, New York City region, Los Angeles, Miami, and Detroit were among the 257 urban areas that reported fewer thefts in recent times.

Almost all auto insurers including State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Co. and Allstate Corp. offer motorists discounts if they install safety features in their vehicles. Installing anti-theft devices and other built-in security features will help avail discounts in auto insurance premiums. The NICB recommends some of the products that are manufacturer-installed like the LoJack Corp, Ravelco ignition disablers, tracking devices etc.

Frank Scafidi, Spokesman at Des Plaines an Illinois-based NICB has stated in an interview that technology has improved largely both from the manufacturers end as well as what the automakers come out with. Stealing even the baseline vehicles today is much more difficult when compared to 2000.

Auto thefts have also fallen in the New York City area and that includes Long Island and Northern New Jersey. It fell by 1.9% to 29,189. Earlier this region was at the 198th position among 366 Metropolitan Statistical Areas, and it was at 223rd during 2009. The lowest rate for the 2nd consecutive year was in State College, Pennsylvania. It had 46 thefts which translate to 30 per 100,000 people.

There has been a decline in car thefts in Dallas with 14.5% decline during 2010. The number of thefts reported were 21,963 which translates to 345 thefts per 100,000 people, stated the NICB. Sgt. Robert Benitez from the Dallas Police Department has stated that the ‘bait programs’ that are being used seems to have had some impact. This is a tactic that the police officers use, where they leave the keys in the ignition with the cars unlocked. It is a way to tempt the would-be thieves and this technique seems to be working very well.