Alabama Auto Insurance Information


You finally get to buy your own car and you are obviously excited to drive around already. However, did you know that in Gainesville and the rest of Alabama where you live, you are not supposed to be driving a car while you are still uninsured? The state of Alabama is actually strict in implementing the law on auto insurance that policemen are tasked to do random surveys to make sure that everyone is covered. It is important to able to show an insurance card or bond certificate so you can keep your registration.

Alabama Auto Insurance InformationWhat does it take to get covered in Gainesville? Your insurance policy must record that your coverage is at least 25/50/25. This means that $25,000 is the minimum coverage for an injury/death while the maximum amount is $50,000 for more than one injury/death in one accident. The other $25,000 is to cover damages to property. Other types of coverage may be purchased, but are not required in this state. Another option is to buy Motor Vehicle Bond from the MVD or cash Bond from the State Treasurer. The amount of the bond must be at least $50,000 for it to stand in lieu of car insurance.

Buying insurance seems expensive and hard on the pockets but there are ways to lower your rates. You just have to work with your chosen agent and know your qualifications so you can demand for discounts. Here are some tips on how to get price-cuts:

·        Maintain a good and clean driving record. If in the past, you only got to drive someone else’s car, any violations history would still affect your rate now that you will be driving your own. Avoid apprehensions and traffic tickets.

·        Enroll in a driving refresher course.

·        Keep a good credit rating by paying bills on time.

·        Ask your home insurance provider if they also have car coverage.

·        Apply in a group auto insurance plan from the company you work for.

·        Install safety gadgets and anti-theft devices in your vehicle. Park in a secured garage at night if applicable.

Insurance hunting can prove to be challenging at times, but do not get trapped in one offer right away. Financial analysts always say that to get the best offer, even in Alabama, it is necessary to ask for quotes, take your time and understand the fine prints of each proposal. After all, it is your future and financial status that you are protecting from potential losses. Be a smart consumer and know exactly what you need and can afford.