Aging without Worries with AXA’s New Auto Insurance Plans for Older Drivers


AGERM-00251435-001What can you expect when you reach 40, 50, 60, and so on? Of course, there’s your upcoming retirement, increase on health benefits, senior citizen discounts and—higher car insurance premiums.

Just recently, AXA Group already set its foot onto the car insurance realm and offered a 90% discount on older drivers who apply for auto insurance. A 30 second commercial was also released to back up this campaign. The commercial depicts a normal scenario in the pedestrian with people bumping with each other, saying that this is not a normal scenario in the side street but become common on the road. Then comes a short, middle age guy who seems to elude all the people in the jammed sidewalk. Afterwards, a voice over is delivered about the value of experience.

In a way, the company views its target market in a different way, giving importance to older drivers and magnifying their “experience” instead of their age. Notwithstanding the fact that older people have poorer motor skills and hand-eye coordination, this faith on their experience rather than on their biological faculty keeps this multi-million information campaign going. Soon enough, people behind the insurance campaign looks forward to an increase in car insurance applications from people over the age of 40.

Charley Boorman, a popular TV personality, will spearhead the PR campaign. Although Borrman, who is in his mid-40s, is the perfect person for this campaign since he seems suitable for the audience. After all, reaching out to your target audience is more than writing the right kind of message for your clients but also in the personality of the head of the PR campaign.

Alongside nationwide TV campaigns, Web 2.0 will also be utilized through setting up a website and inviting people to air their grievances about the behavior of road users nowadays. Online campaigns for different products and companies are the trend in the marketing world today because of the widespread use of the internet. And advertising car insurance on the internet is not a new thing, after all. Many drivers regularly browse the web to get auto quotes or to renew their insurance. Therefore, getting a good space in a popular website will surely market AXA’s new auto insurance policy to a wide market.

Most of older drivers interviewed agreed that this new policy will help them tremendously in getting a good insurance plan. Before when drivers approach older age, insurance companies will charge them higher premiums for mental and physiological complications of aging. But now, they could already look forward to approaching old age with AXA’s new plan. It is almost equivalent to getting a more expensive, full-coverage plan in another company.

AXA executives are confident that they will see a rise in auto insurance sales and car insurance transfers. After all, a 90% discount in insurance will help you save a lot of cash while maintaining a good coverage plan in case of accidents. That should make older drivers feel better as they approach their 40s.