South Dakota Driving and Traffic Laws


There are many rules and regulations which govern the citizens of the country. Each of these rules is written to ensure the safety and harmony of all the people. These laws must never be violated and must be adhered to all the time. Every state writes its own set of rules for its citizens. The motorist on the road must understand that the rules are for his own good. If he violates the rules, he must realise he is putting himself and some other lives in danger. Any violation of the rules and regulations must be strictly dealt with. Any person found violating the laws must be penalised.

The state of South Dakota has made auto insurance mandatory. Therefore, no driver must be allowed to drive without proof of insurance. The minimum liability in the state of South Dakota is twenty five thousand dollars for bodily injury per person and a total of fifty thousand dollars for bodily injury. There is also twenty five thousand dollars for property damage. The state of South Dakota follows the Tort system of rules. According to this system, in the event of an accident a person has to be found responsible for the accident and only his insurance company and himself will pay for all the damages for the accident.

One very important offense would be driving under influence. This is a very serious offense and will be dealt with harshly. The driver’s license would be revoked for thirty days. However, these punishments are for driving under influence for a first offense. If it s a second offense and the person is found to be driving with a revoked license, the person can be sentenced to a jail term for at the very least three days. For a third time offense the person’s license is revoked for a year. Driving without a license or with a revoked a license is a class 2 demeanour and will be dealt with very harshly.

Speeding is a very serious offense in South Dakota. Going beyond established speed limits for the different highways is a punishable offense. The degree of punishments varies in accordance with the number of times of offense. This will continue until the fourth time. The judge might even cancel the compensation plates and require their surrender.

Reckless driving is defines as driving on a highways, alley public park or upon the property of schools and other education institutions in disregard to the safety of others at great speeds without any caution is known as reckless driving. Careless Driving and driving for exhibition are also offenses that can even be treated as misdemeanour. Race driving on highways is absolutely prohibited on the roads of the South Dakota state. It is also a punishable offense to not have any seat belts or child restraints.  If you have a child in your vehicle, you must have the child strapped in restraints to ensure the safety of your child. You must also ensure your safety. Every driver must have working safety belts and restraints that will keep him safe and secure.