Mississippi Driving and Traffic Laws


The state of Mississippi writes rules and regulations to ensure that each of its citizens can live in safety. Any violation of these rules must be dealt with harshly. There are a set of rules written specifically for the motorists of the state of Mississippi. Every driver who violates these laws must realise it is not only his life he is putting in danger but also other people’s lives. Therefore, any violation has to be penalised very strictly with fines and suspensions.

The state of Mississippi has made auto insurance mandatory in accordance with the financial responsibility rules. According to these rules, every driver in the state of Mississippi has to be able to pay for the damages in an accident he might have caused. To ensure this the state of Mississippi has made auto insurance mandatory. Mississippi also follows the Tort system of rules. According to the Tort system of rules, if there has been an accident, then one of the drivers involved has to be deemed responsible for the accident. This driver has to pay for all the damages caused during the accident.

The state of Mississippi has set a minimum liability. This is the amount that every driver has to be insured for. The minimum liability is of the form 25/50/25. This stands for twenty five thousand dollars for bodily injury, fifty thousand dollars for bodily injury in total per accident. It also includes mandatory property damage coverage for twenty five thousand dollars. Property damage coverage will pay for any repair and replacement costs on the other driver’s car. It will also pay for any damages caused to property such as buildings, fences and lamp posts. Bodily injury will help pay for medical costs incurred by the victim of the accident.

This the minimum liability that every driver in Mississippi has to have at all times on the road. In the state of Mississippi, it is not mandatory to show proof of insurance during registration as it is in other states. However, it is mandatory to show proof of insurance every time an officer of the law asks for it. The best way to keep proof of insurance handy at all times is to keep your current insurance card in your vehicle. In case insurance proof is not provided the fine may go up to a thousand dollars and the registration of your vehicle might be suspended for up to a year.

DUI or driving under influence is a very serious offense and any person found guilty is penalised harshly. In the state of Mississippi, DUI cases can be judged by two authorities. One is the court where sentences can include jail, fines and alcohol programs. The other is the DMV where the license of the guilty party can be taken away. Blood alcohol content limit for conviction of a DUI case is 0.08%. ON a fist offense for driving under influence the driver’s license will be suspended without fail for a period of ninety days. The sentence cannot be revoked within the time period of ninety days.