Liability laws and limits in the state of Delaware


The state of Delaware prescribes a number of laws which have to be adhered to by all its inhabitants who drive a vehicle. These insurance laws are enforced by the department of motor vehicles in Delaware. And the local law enforcement agencies are entrusted with going after those who do not adhere to the basic requirements. 

The liability limits are almost the same as most other states in Delaware also. The basic personal injury liability limit is $15000 per person injured in an accident. This coverage will pay for all the injuries that a person sustains in an accident. And the coverage for all the individuals involved in the accident is $30000 as a whole. This is the most amount of money that the other party can claim from your insurance company in case it is your fault. The liability limit for property damage in the state is $5000 again. This will cover all the property damage incurred as a result of accidents in the state of Delaware per accident. But in addition to the above, there is an extra coverage requirement in Delaware. 

This extra coverage is called personal injury protection. This sort of coverage will protect you and your passengers from medical costs in case of an accident that is your fault. The basic coverage for this is $15000 in the state of Delaware. It also covers death of a person in your vehicle. 

You can also go for several other additional protectional measures while in Delaware. This includes tort coverage, medical exigency benefits, towing charges, funeral charges, in capacitance allowance and mental turmoil benefits. All these additional coverage’s are not required by law, but they will come in handy if and when, god forbids, you do meet with an accident. Because it is pretty obvious that the basic limits are just not enough to meet all the expenses that one would incur if one were to meet with an accident in the state of Delaware. 

Proving proof of Delaware auto insurance 

It is very important to always carry proof of coverage in the state of Delaware while driving. If you cannot provide some sort of proof when stopped by a policeman, you can be fined up to $1500 for the first offense and $3000 for the second offense. It is a civil crime, but all the same it will go on your record. And it will affect your credit history and your driving record. It is always best to carry your auto insurance policy with you in your glove box along with your license and registration of your car. If you do not want to carry the original, you can always at least carry a copy of the same. But make sure that it clearly indicates that you are the owner of the said policy. You do not want a ticket just because of a misunderstanding. But if you do get caught, it is not the end of the world. It’s just that you are going to have to go to court and contest the charges and then you will obviously win when you show them the dates on your policy. But you will save yourself all this trouble if you just carry a copy of your insurance policy with you at all times.