Minimum insurance coverage requirements in New York


Penalty for not having New York car insurance

The state of New York is very strict when it comes to following rules and regulations. Even the insurance companies in the state of New York strictly follow the rules set for them by the department of motor vehicles.

It’s no wonder that the auto insurance companies are strict with the automobile owners also. Every automobile owner must have auto insurance covered. If you do not have insurance coverage you cannot drive. So, it is advisable for every vehicle owner to insure first from the state of New York itself in order to use your vehicle in the New York state without any complications.

You should have the proof of the insurance made in paper as well as electronic proof. The Department of Motor Vehicle needs to have proof first and foremost of your vehicles insurance.

Minimum requirements for New York Insurance coverage

The state of New York is one of the twelve no-fault states, meaning having auto insurance is a must for any vehicle owner. Every driver must carry his/her insurance for his/ her safety so that there will be no limited liability to sue the other driver in case of an accident.

The New York car insurance pays for the damages (within the policy limits) to the policy holder irrespective of the fact that the fault is the policy holders or not. This rule comes under no fault laws.

In case of insurance liability the state of New York requires the following minimums:

Uninsured motorist: An uninsured motorist is liable to pay $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident, $50,000 for injury per person and $100,000 for death caused during an accident.

Property damage: An uninsured motorist has to pay $10,000 for the damage caused to the property in case of an accident.

The basic rule of the New York state insurance Department is that the insurance has to be obtained from the insurance company of the New York state itself. Out of state Insurance company cannot issue you auto insurance if you are New York state driver.

Penalties for not having New York car insurance coverage

It is mandatory for every driver of New York to acquire insurance before the vehicle is registered. Heavy penalty has to be paid for default by a New York driver in case of lapse in insurance payment or lack of insurance. This will result in paying a fine, getting a ticket or in vehicle impounding.

You are required to pay your car insurance on time in the state of New York. Otherwise you will get into trouble. Always the insurance company keeps in contact with the New York Department of Motor Vehicle regarding your insurance coverage.

In case you want to change the insurance company, you have to make sure that the new insurance company notifies the Department of Motor Vehicle at the earliest. If there is a delay in notifying the change, you will receive a reminder letter and you have to clear the situation quickly. More the delay, more the trouble as it could cost you your driving license or vehicle registration.

If you do not have your car insurance you will have to pay a penalty depending on the number of days you delay in getting one. The penalty ranges from $8 to $12 per day. The maximum number of days given as grace is 90 days or less. So, paying penalty every day until you get your New York car insurance will prove to be costly for you.