Arizona Driving and Traffic Laws


A study conducted by Allstate shows that Arizona has some of the safest drivers in the country. If you are moving to the state, it is important to get familiar with the traffic laws as soon as possible, so you can join the ranks of safe drivers. By maintaining a good driving record, you can also save on auto insurance rates that tend to be higher in Arizona than in other parts of the country. This article will give you a few pointers about driving in Arizona, so you can be prepared for what lies ahead.

Show your License Plate

One of the newest laws in Arizona states that drivers must make their license plates clearly visible. This law was put into effect specifically to address problems with license plate covers that hide part of the plate itself. It is important to keep this regulation in mind when heading to Arizona.

Watch the HOV Lanes

Highways around Phoenix provide HOV lanes for vehicles carrying multiple passengers during peak times. There is no fee to use the lanes, but cars must have at least two people in them to be allowed access. Driving in HOV lanes without meeting these restrictions can result in a traffic violation. The rules for HOV lanes are only enforced during peak times, which usually run from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Photo Radar

Arizona uses photo radar to catch speeders on many of their busy streets, and up to 200 people will receive tickets in the mail from these devices on a given day. When you drive in Arizona, it is important to heed the speed limits on any streets you drive. Otherwise, you may get a surprise in your mailbox a few days later. While there has been some debate over the legality of these automatically generated tickets, the state continues to use photo radar to keep drivers’ speeds in check.


All cars in Arizona must comply with the state regulations for environmental quality. However, this does not mean that every vehicle must have an annual emissions test. When you receive your form for registration renewal, it will let you know whether a test is required. If so, the state of Arizona has multiple locations for the convenience of its residents. You can even call to see what the wait currently might be at the location of your choice.

Tickets in Arizona

If you receive a ticket in Arizona, you may be able to remove the violation from your record by attending a defensive driving course through the state. The police officer who issues the ticket will let you know at the time if you are eligible for this program. The course is completely voluntary, but if you complete it, it will be as though you never received the ticket in the first place. This can make a difference in your future insurance rates.

When you drive in a city for the first time, it is important to understand the traffic laws for that particular state. These are just a few of the laws and regulations that pertain specifically to Arizona drivers.