Arizona Auto Insurance Discounts


Auto insurance can be an expensive purchase today, but discounts are an excellent way to save a few bucks every month. Many people don’t benefit from all the discounts they could because they don’t know where to look. This article will cover some of the best places to find auto insurance discounts in Arizona. You can reap the benefits whether you are renegotiating your current policy or shopping for a new company.

Multiple Auto Discount

This is one of the most common discounts available for auto insurance. Many companies will insure two cars almost as cheaply as a single vehicle. You can also save by getting your auto insurance with the same company as your homeowner’s insurance. Always ask about the savings involved with insuring more than one car at the same time.

Purchase in Bulk

Some people think it is better to get a new insurance policy every six months so they can continue to shop around for the cheaper rate. However, most insurance companies offer a discount on their annual policies that make them a better deal than a six-month contract. It is also better to pay for an entire six months at a time, rather than paying monthly or quarterly. Some insurance companies charge an extra fee when they allow their customers to make smaller payments, and the fees can add up over the course of a year.

Look for Extra Features

Cars with anti-theft devices or special safety features often qualify for discounts on auto insurance. When shopping around for a new car, research the features that will get you better insurance rates. You may find that you enjoy peace of mind with a safer vehicle and lower insurance premiums at the same time.

Consider your Record

Drivers with clean records and excellent credit history usually qualify for cheaper insurance rates. Some companies will also offer discounts to drivers who take defensive driving courses or students who maintain a good grade point average. You can also get lower insurance rates if your average mileage per year is under a particular amount. Make sure you inquire about all of these factors when shopping for insurance in Arizona to make sure you get the best rate possible.

Lower Deductibles

In some cases, state law may not allow you to lower coverage by too much. For example, Arizona requires drivers to maintain a minimum liability of $15,000 for bodily injury and $10,000 for property damage. However, other parts of the policy, like collision and comprehensive coverage are not required by the state of Arizona and are completely negotiable. You can lower costs on these components of your coverage significantly, particularly if you have an older vehicle.

There are many ways to save on car insurance today, as long as you know what to ask and where to look. Check out these potential savings the next time you are in the market for auto insurance.