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  • Is there such a thing as low cost car insurance?

    by Hayden Krueger

    Each year brings a new increase in auto insurance prices prompting people to look for low-cost and cheap car insurance policies. And since the auto insurance industry is a very competitive business, big or small insurance providers are doing their best to entice people by giving them the right coverage at a reasonable price.

    This means that by employing simple research and knowing your needs, it will not be that difficult to find the right company for your insurance requirements. Thanks to competition, many companies are not only offering cheap prices but also have added tons of benefits into their packages. These benefits may come as discounts, extended coverage or some other hidden rewards.

    What are the factors of a good low-cost insurance package?

    If you do not want to see yourself grousing in the future, quality is a very important factor that needs to be considered in any type … Click here to read more

  • Comparison-Shopping Saves You Money

    by Hayden Krueger

    Good news for California drivers – sometime this year, new regulations will take effect on auto insurance. While most of us knew that comparison-shopping is a smart thing to do, some people are actually enjoying reduced rates.

    New Soon-To-Be Options for Motorists

    Pay-As-You-Drive is no longer a new concept. This pricing structure has been in placed in Texas for almost two years already. The only problem is that many states were hesitant to copy the same structure. However, in the recent changes made in California, this type of pricing structure has finally arrived. Drivers can now save on auto insurance premiums based on their actual mileage.

    Indeed, this is good news, particularly in a place with too many cars, high pollution levels and intense traffic congestion like California. If you live in California, and want to save money, you can just use the public transportation, and let your vehicle sit … Click here to read more

  • Saving Money with Online Insurance Purchases

    by Hayden Krueger

    You have done many online purchases these days, but you’re having second thoughts about buying auto insurance online. Well you’re not alone, because many people feel the same way.  Auto insurance is like any other commodity that you can purchase via the Internet. The quotes are free, painless and quick. Since you do it in the comfort of your home, there’s no traffic, queuing for endless lines and negotiating with agents. In short, the Internet has truly revolutionized the way we carry our day-to-day activities.

    Many people keep asking if buying online would save them money. If you were to ask that question to a man on the street having no knowledge about the online world, he probably wouldn’t be able to answer you. On the other hand, people who are adept in using the Internet will tell you a sweet “yes” straightaway. The Internet allows you to acquire up … Click here to read more

  • Get Ready To Lower Your Auto Insurance Quotes

    by Hayden Krueger

    Auto insurance companies are known to use varying factors when computing for your coverage rates. In this article, we’re going to discuss a few of them, and hoping that you will learn something useful today.

    Your location – Insurance companies need to know where your home address is and if you travel back and forth to this address. It will compute how often you drive this far to get into work and the level of risk while you are traversing these roads.

    Let’s just say that point B is your place of employment and you travel by car to get there. The insurer is interested to know how much time you spend on driving. The more time you’re on the road, the higher the possibility of getting involved into a car accident.

    If a sizeable time is needed to get from point A to B, then expect high premium rates. … Click here to read more

  • Use Your Head Not Heart

    by Hayden Krueger

    Here’s the thing, when Americans fall in love with a brand, they tend to stick to it no matter what. Unfortunately, this display of loyalty isn’t benefiting them so much, and it tends to be a one-way relationship. Corporations are not people, they don’t have feelings and as far as their public image is concern, they do everything to build it up. Most of them only care about their bottom line; don’t you think it is time to think about yours?

    Unfortunately, many drivers are still living in this paranoia and with inertia making the whole situation worst. It’s funny how many of them desperately want to get the lowest car insurance rates yet few of them actually do their homework.

    The Competition

    There’s a fierce competition out there in the insurance arena. Monopolies grew in a multitude over the years, but the sad truth is that insurance industry has … Click here to read more

  • Often Ignored Factors That Can Get You Auto Insurance Discounts

    by Hayden Krueger

    There are some factors that are often ignored when it comes to obtaining discounts from auto insurance providers. Hundreds of dollars can be saved every year by policy holders on auto insurance if they could use certain factors to their advantage and convince the insurance providers that they are much safer bet. Unless they claim for the discounts by providing the right details and proofs, insurance companies are not going to reduce the premiums. Hence policy holders should make sure they negotiate using the right terms and consider all the factors which are likely to influence their profile.

    Geography of the location

    On paper, the same amount of insurance coverage should cost the same for all policy holders. However, the risk varies a lot. The chances of a car accident are much higher in a congested city or a route that goes across mountain curves than in case of sparsely … Click here to read more

  • The Various Categories Under Auto Insurance Discounts

    by Hayden Krueger

    Auto insurance is one of the cases where everyone hopes they never have to use it because it means they have to meet with an accident. Hence most people find it painful to pay higher premiums just as a cautionary thing. However, the costs of damage repairs or liability could be really high in some cases. Similarly theft and other natural disasters too might lead you to incur huge costs, which is why most people are too scared to ignore the insurance even if it is costly. This leaves everyone in a dilemma as to which auto insurance policy to take. However, the better option is to find the auto insurance quotes that offer you a lot of discounts. In this way, you end up lowering your insurance premium, while at the same time you get all the advantages and coverage of auto insurance. These discounts are in various categories.… Click here to read more

  • Need To Find Affordable Auto Insurance In Alaska? Ways You Can Try Right Away

    by Hayden Krueger

    If you live in Alaska and been wanting to find ways to get an affordable auto insurance, and then use this guide when searching.

    Auto insurance is one of the things that a driver must possess and keeping it up in Alaska seems a bit hard because of the already high minimum amount set for basic requirement. I understand that you want to get the best coverage there is with the least price you can pay. Having said that, I have listed few steps below which you could use right away as a guide towards finding your ideal insurance coverage among the many reputable auto insurance providers in Alaska.

    Knowing the basic requirements and optional.

    Like another other states in the U.S., Alaska also requires every driver to acquire a liability insurance coverage. There is a $50,000 per person, $100,000 for the injuries of all persons in the accident, and … Click here to read more

  • Can You Really Save Money When Buying Auto Insurance Online?

    by Hayden Krueger

    Online shopping is no longer limited to the usual merchandise that we purchase on eBay or Amazon.  Today, you can easily purchase auto insurance coverage with just a click of a button. Recent reports from PRNewswire indicate that by the end of 2009, a staggering 20% of online purchases for auto insurance policies took place as compared to the previous year.

    The internet started humbly with few private networks connecting to each other. Its main function is to focus on the academics and military applications. But since the introduction of the public information superhighway in the 90’s, the internet has become an indispensable tool for many business owners, corporations, private individuals, etc. for different purposes.

    ComScore Inc., a company that keeps track of market trending and demographic on the internet, released a report that showed around 38 million auto insurance quotes were served online in the U.S. in 2009, and … Click here to read more

  • Auto Insurance Discounts – Save that Extra Buck

    by Hayden Krueger

    An important part of buying auto insurance for your car is paying the monthly premiums on time. Though important, auto insurance can be frustrating in this one aspect. Premium amount depends on some factors that you can control and some factors that are completely out of your control. Whatever factors affect the premiums there are some ways to avail discounts from your insurance company. You must consider all your chances and weigh all companies in question, before making your choice and signing the deal.

    More insurance, more discounts

    If you own more than one car, then getting all the cars you own, insured by the same company can earn you some discounts. Most companies have this discount to get more clients and business to their company. Also, if you have to take a homeowner’s insurance or a life insurance, getting those too at the same company can earn you more … Click here to read more

  • Low Insurance Rate For Pimped Cars

    by Hayden Krueger

    Whoever said that only Da Vinci and Van Gough are the ones with the most creativity and imagination seriously do not know what a car looks like. In the world of cars, a wide range of imagination and creativity is needed to even make just a drawing of one. That is why new cars now are expensive that only people like Bill Gates could afford them. However, car owners who do not own even a quarter of Bill Gates’ money have other ways of making their cars look like a Porsche or even better. These car owners have their car be modified to fit their style and personality. Others even have their cars be pimped, meaning they have an expert paint their car in a way that their car would look like a cool wallpaper with wheels. That is why car insurance companies also offer new services to fit the … Click here to read more

  • Using Your Age in Getting Favorable Insurance Discounts

    by Hayden Krueger

    The downfall of the financial system forces everybody to tighten their belts. Surplus products are in demand. Same goes to products that are carrying levels or colored tags with them- discounts. Of course who would not wish for merchandise or services that are cheaper? It catches the attention of the shoppers. Same goes with car insurances. Everybody is trying to squeeze something on their budget to make both ends meet.

    Age is a very essential feature that affects the insurance premium that you are paying. Since it is already been established that younger drivers spends more on their premiums, the option left accessible for them is to find cheaper insurance quotes. Their premium maybe higher but that is not a reason why they should not be given enormous discounts.

    Since insurance companies consider the drivers on the age group of 25-40 to be the safest drivers, this leaves students and … Click here to read more

  • Cheap Car Insurance: a Great Help in Case That you Need It

    by Hayden Krueger

    The roads nowadays are occupied by more vehicles as compared to decades ago. It also goes with the numbers of drivers that have actually more than tripled. Car insurance companies also increased in numbers as car and car owners’ number grew.

    What is the importance of having auto insurance?

    In the United States of America, it is mandated that a driver should carry at least the minimum coverage specified by the state’s law. But with the economy going down and recession hits the market, every person is trying their best to at least save or even free them from responsibilities.

    Consider car insurance for example. If it is not mandated by law, most people would opt out to having one for sure. If you come to think about it, it is not only mandated by law but also it is your protection, in any case that you will be involved … Click here to read more

  • Getting Car Insurance and Availing Discounts for Teenagers

    by Hayden Krueger

    One of the most popular dreams of teenagers is to get their own car while on college. But owning a car means purchasing car insurance. This is required for you to stay protected against great financial loss for the teenager’s parents.

    Just like older car owners, there are requirements needed in filing for a student policy.  Both parents ands their teenagers can also find ways to avail discounts for their policy.

    Companies will ask for the personal information of the teenager driver. Age and gender will be known.  They will also investigate the future client about his/her the driving history, driving frequency and distance. Even the location of the vehicle and its damage history are known. This essential information also applies to all other applicants.

    Age is important because the younger the driver is, the higher the premium will be. Older drivers are perceived by car insurance companies to be … Click here to read more

  • Practical tips to reduce your auto insurance premium

    by Hayden Krueger

    The monthly payments that you make might probably be frustrating, especially if you don’t have a very high salary and can’t seem to make ends meet. But, there are ways in which you can reduce certain things, like say your auto insurance rates so that you at least don’t have that to worry about. There are a number of practical tips that you can put into effect in order to enjoy some truly low premium rates. Many of these tips might be familiar to you, but you might have not known that it can in fact help reduce your insurance rates.

    If you are truly finding it next to impossible to make sure that your premiums are paid within the due date, consider increasing the deductible. This is a risk that you will be taking because you should weight your options and decide whether or not a higher deductible is … Click here to read more

  • New Hampshire Auto Insurance Discounts

    by Hayden Krueger

    Many states in the Untied States have made an auto insurance policy mandatory. The only exceptions to this would be the states of Wisconsin and New Hampshire. These states have not made it necessary to carry an auto insurance policy. These states have what is called as the financial responsibility laws. They do not require an auto insurance policy. However, you need to show proof that you have the finances needed to cover damages in case your vehicle is involved in an accident.

    In case, you are not able to provide proof, you need to have an auto insurance policy. However, it is mandatory for a few people to carry an auto insurance policy even in the state of New Hampshire. If you have been convicted of DUI or have collected a lot of Demerit points from the DMV, you need to have an auto insurance policy.

    An auto insurance … Click here to read more

  • Hawaii Auto Insurance Discounts

    by Hayden Krueger

    According to a survey in 2004, the average auto insurance premiums in Hawaii were $817.45. The liability coverage premium averaged $537.36, collision coverage was around $285.14, and comprehensive coverage was about $108.19. The average premium in Hawaii was higher than 28 other states in the United States but lower than 21 states. The average premium would be above $1,000 at present. Hence, you should look for ways to get auto insurance discounts in Hawaii to reduce your financial burden. There are two types of auto insurance discounts, direct discounts and indirect discounts. 

    Direct discounts 

    If you have a number of vehicles, you should insure all of them with one insurance company for a single auto insurance covering all of them. The insurance company would offer you discounts up to 10%. This discount would depend on the number of vehicles, the types of vehicles, and the conditions of the vehicles. 

    The … Click here to read more

  • Iowa Auto Insurance Discounts

    by Hayden Krueger

    If you wish to fully protect yourself against the risks that could arise from auto accidents, you might need to purchase several types of coverages from the auto insurance company. In Iowa, bodily injury liability coverage and property damage liability coverage are compulsory. Apart from these two, you would also need collision coverage, comprehensive coverage, medical coverage, etc. to meet all possible eventualities to you and to your vehicle. With so many coverages needed to be purchased, the monthly auto insurance premium amount could be substantial. Hence, it is advisable to look for discounts on the auto insurance, which are available to every person, if he/she takes time to find out about them. Some brief tips are provided here on auto insurance discounts in Iowa. 

    Direct Auto Insurance Discounts 

    If you possess two or more vehicles, you could combine the auto insurance for all of them with one insurance company … Click here to read more

  • Montana Auto Insurance Discounts

    by Hayden Krueger

    Insurance is very expensive today. The state of Montana has made auto insurance mandatory and therefore, every motorist must have it. Every motorist has to comply with the financial responsibility laws. These laws ensure that every motorist is able to pay for damages caused, if he is involved in an accident. The tort system also allows for a not at fault driver to sue an at fault driver. This just makes auto insurance all the more necessary.

    The minimum liability fixed by the state of Montana is of the form of 25/50/10. This stands for twenty five thousand dollars for bodily injury per person and fifty thousand dollars for bodily injury in total covering two people. The property damage coverage should be for an amount of ten thousand dollars. Bodily injury coverage is used to pay for any and all medical costs incurred by the victim of the accident. Property … Click here to read more

  • Mississippi Auto Insurance Discounts

    by Hayden Krueger

    The economic crisis has affected everybody’s lives. People have to plan their finances with a lot of care today. If you own a car, its maintenance will take up a lot of money. You will also have to buy auto insurance for it as auto insurance has been made mandatory in most of the states. Mandatory auto insurance ensures that in case of an accident, the at-fault driver has enough finances to pay for all the damages caused. This is known as financial responsibility laws.

    The state of Mississippi follows the tort system. Therefore, a person who has caused the accident will have to pay for all the damages. This is not similar to the no fault system where each person has his damages paid for by his insurance company. This makes auto insurance all the more important. Thus, one has to buy auto insurance today.

    However, auto insurance can … Click here to read more