Low Insurance Rate For Pimped Cars


Whoever said that only Da Vinci and Van Gough are the ones with the most creativity and imagination seriously do not know what a car looks like. In the world of cars, a wide range of imagination and creativity is needed to even make just a drawing of one. That is why new cars now are expensive that only people like Bill Gates could afford them. However, car owners who do not own even a quarter of Bill Gates’ money have other ways of making their cars look like a Porsche or even better. These car owners have their car be modified to fit their style and personality. Others even have their cars be pimped, meaning they have an expert paint their car in a way that their car would look like a cool wallpaper with wheels. That is why car insurance companies also offer new services to fit the car owner’s newly pimped or modified car.

Modified cars costs more to insure compared to regular cars because modified cars contain parts like nitrous and security alarms which are expensive to replace or repair once broken or damaged. In addition to these expensive parts, modified cars also need regular check-ups and a constant maintenance.

Modified cars are categorized under high risk, this is one of the difficulty a modified car owner faces. Risk pooling is a process where modified cars lie when insurance companies insure modified cars. In this process, modified cars are seen as a high risk vehicle since they attract more trouble such as theft and vandalism. It is the insurance company’s job to see all the possible accidents or troubles that a car owner may face with the car that he drives and they place these possibilities on the car owner’s insurance policy. The more troubles a car could face the more expensive their premiums are.

Getting a low cost insurance policy for a modified car may be difficult and tiring but no one said it is impossible. The growing popularity of modified cars has become a profitable market in the industry of cars and insurance. There are companies who offer a lower insurance policy rate for modified car owners compared to other car insurance companies.

There are also companies which offer services which would insure modified cars. There are also those companies who try to answer all their client’s needs by providing more services at a lower insurance policy rate. With this, the insurance company is sure to reach marketability. Marketability is reached only with lower and more competitive rates.

There are also other things that can help a modified car owner lower his insurance rate. Factors such as the number of times the owner drives his car, the neighborhood he lives in, his driving record, the security features his car has and the age and sex of the car owner could also affect his car insurance rate. The modified car owner could also control his car insurance rate by following a few tips on how it is done.