Iowa Auto Insurance Discounts


If you wish to fully protect yourself against the risks that could arise from auto accidents, you might need to purchase several types of coverages from the auto insurance company. In Iowa, bodily injury liability coverage and property damage liability coverage are compulsory. Apart from these two, you would also need collision coverage, comprehensive coverage, medical coverage, etc. to meet all possible eventualities to you and to your vehicle. With so many coverages needed to be purchased, the monthly auto insurance premium amount could be substantial. Hence, it is advisable to look for discounts on the auto insurance, which are available to every person, if he/she takes time to find out about them. Some brief tips are provided here on auto insurance discounts in Iowa. 

Direct Auto Insurance Discounts 

If you possess two or more vehicles, you could combine the auto insurance for all of them with one insurance company and you would be able to obtain discounts on the total premium amounts up to about 10%. 

The driving history of yourself and the other members you had included in your auto insurance policy plays a major role in your insurance premium rates. Insurance companies look at driving histories of insuring persons for the past 3 to 5 years. If you have clean driving records, you would be able to negotiate for appropriate discounts in the auto insurance rates. If a person in the household does have a bad driving record, exclude that person from the policy coverage. 

In Iowa, persons above 50 years old would get auto insurance discounts up to 10%. This would depend on their driving record and health condition. Normally, insurance companies believe that people above the age of 50 are safe drivers and offer them discounts in premium rates. 

Installation of safety and security devices impress insurance companies. They inspect the vehicles before offering their insurance quotes. If they find safety devices like seat belts, air bags, children protection devices, etc. and security devices such as anti-theft device, burglar alarm, etc., then you could definitely expect discounts up to 10% on this count. 

Vehicles of low value or older vehicles would be another method of obtaining discounts on insurance premiums. High cost vehicles and new vehicles would usually cost you more on premiums, since repair and replacement costs would also be quite high for them. 

Other Types of Auto Insurance Discounts 

You could purchase your auto insurance, home insurance, personal insurance, and health insurance from the same insurance company. This would result in discounts up to 15%, depending on the type and amount of coverages that you purchase. Offering higher deductibles would also result in substantial discounts. The amount that you would be saving every month by such a discount would easily offset the higher deductible that you might pay if you are involved in an accident. If you are able to drive the whole year without any accident, then the entire lower premium amount is complete savings for you. Several other methods of obtaining discounts are possible. You should discuss about them in detail with your auto insurance agent and the insurance company before buying auto insurance.