Auto Insurance Discounts – Save that Extra Buck


An important part of buying auto insurance for your car is paying the monthly premiums on time. Though important, auto insurance can be frustrating in this one aspect. Premium amount depends on some factors that you can control and some factors that are completely out of your control. Whatever factors affect the premiums there are some ways to avail discounts from your insurance company. You must consider all your chances and weigh all companies in question, before making your choice and signing the deal.

More insurance, more discounts

If you own more than one car, then getting all the cars you own, insured by the same company can earn you some discounts. Most companies have this discount to get more clients and business to their company. Also, if you have to take a homeowner’s insurance or a life insurance, getting those too at the same company can earn you more discounts on all your policies. The key here is to get different quotes from different companies and then making the best choice based on comparison.

Mileage and driving record discounts

Another way you can get discounts is by using your car less. If the annual mileage of your car is lesser than ten thousand miles, you get an additional discount for it. Also, if you have an exceptional driving record without any traffic violation or accidents for three continuous years, you can avail discounts on that.

Value additions to car

You can decrease the amount of your premium or avail discounts for you policy, if you make some simple fixtures for your car. Adding features like automatic seat belts, airbags, anti lock brakes and anti theft devices such as alarms and trackers can avail significant discounts and lower premiums. Also, getting your car tested for safety on road by your car manufacturers can also give you some discounts.

Credit history, customer loyalty and driving course

If you have an exceptional credit history over a long period of time, you can use it to obtain some discounts when you are purchasing the insurance. If you are a customer of an insurance company from a long time and have been purchasing all your insurances from them, then you may get an additional discount for customer loyalty to the company. Also, if you complete a defensive driving course, that teaches you how to avoid accidents, before purchasing your insurance, that can earn you discounts and lower premium rates.

Organization and group insurance

Some insurance companies have tie ups with corporate organizations. If the employees of that organization purchase the insurance through the company, then they get special discounts. Find out if your company has some tie up with an insurance company before making the purchase. Also, if you are a member of an alumni or any other club, then a group insurance can earn you some huge discounts. There will be a minimum number of purchases required from your group for all the group members to avail the discount.

Student discounts

There are additional discounts for students with an impressive driving record and a good grade in college. If you are a student within 25 years of age, then find out the grade requirements to qualify for the discount and find out which insurance company offers the best discount rate.

Making that extra effort to explore your options is worth a shot and worth your time, especially if you can save huge money with low premiums and big discounts.