Auto Insurance Questions Archive for 2010

  • How can I get cheap car insurance coverage?

    If you own a car, one of the first things that you would like to ensure is that you are not overpaying for your car insurance. Ideally, you would not want to pay more than someone who owns a vehicle that is similar to yours. However, it is seldom true that you are going to be paying the exact same … (more) August 17, 2010

  • How can I differentiate between collision coverage and comprehensive coverage?

    Auto insurance has a lot of parameters that you need to consider. If you have thought about it, there are quite a lot of aspects to it that you can choose from and could potentially help you to significantly reduce the insurance coverage. Two important factors in this regard are comprehensive and collision coverage. These are two features that you … (more) August 16, 2010

  • How can I calculate my auto insurance rates?

    For people who are new to the concept of auto insurance, it can get quite tricky to exactly understand how it is that the various things are calculated. They might get confused regarding the different parameters and know what to consider and what it is that they can neglect and not be worried about. This need not be the condition … (more) August 15, 2010

  • What Is The Difference Between No-Fault And Fault Based Car Insurance Policy?

    Getting auto insurance can be a long and demanding process, especially if you are new at it. If you want to be sure that you are in fact getting the best deal for your money, you need to be sure that you are opting for coverage that you can afford and also one that can work for you during the … (more) August 14, 2010

  • What is a fault based car insurance policy?

    Car insurance is an exhaustive subject that covers a broad spectrum of topics. If you do research in this field, you might probably get frustrated and even tired with the number of options that you might have. Since it is not something that you can master in the matter of a day or so, you need to be absolutely sure … (more) August 13, 2010

  • What do I need to do in case of meeting with an accident if I have a comprehensive auto insurance coverage?

    Auto insurance has a way of giving you money, and unless you know exactly how it is that it gives you claims and pays your expenses when you are involved in an accident, you might find it a little harder to do things. Some people are unsure about what exactly it is that one can make claims for when involved … (more) August 12, 2010

  • What Are The Common Auto Insurance Terms That I Should Be Aware Of?

    When out in the world shopping for auto insurance, you are bound to come across a number of key terms that the insurance agents expect you to be aware of. Chances are, you might be hearing these words for the first time. However, don’t panic as it is not very hard to grasp the language and make sense of it … (more) August 11, 2010

  • What is a comprehensive car insurance coverage and what are its benefits?

    Comprehensive car insurance is the most complete insurance coverage that you can get. It is something that usually new car buyers would go for. All in all it makes sure that you enjoy a good night’s sleep without having to worry about your bills due to the damages sustained in an accident. So what exactly are the pro’s and cons … (more) August 10, 2010

  • What features do I need with my auto insurance?

    Buying a new vehicle is quite a satisfying experience and there is quite nothing like it. In fact, most individuals do a lot of research before they want to go out and buy a new vehicle. However, not everyone is smart about it, and some people do everything right except for the part where they are supposed to find out … (more) August 9, 2010

  • What factors must I keep in mind when applying for a used car insurance policy?

    Used car insurance policies vary a lot from the traditional insurance policy. We shall now explore the various differences that are present in them. The most basic difference would be the cost. You would not be paying as much premium as you would be paying for a new car insurance policy as you would be paying for a used car … (more) August 8, 2010

  • What are the parameters that dictate my car insurance?

    When you are opting for car insurance, there are a lot of things that you might have thought of. But, the truth is that there are some things that people might not have really considered but still make a significant different to how your auto insurance might be like. Most of the people who go in for auto insurance learn … (more) August 7, 2010

  • What are the legal requirements for auto insurance coverage?

    Auto insurance is not only a very useful thing to have; it is the law in most states in our country. Though the intricacies of the law might differ, the basic insurance coverage must and should be owned by all car owners. So we shall now try and explore the different legal requirements in a few states to get an … (more) August 6, 2010

  • Should I buy comprehensive car insurance for a car that I use very sparingly?

    The first thing that anybody must realize is that auto insurance is very much necessary no matter what sort of car you own. It’s not only a necessity; it’s the law in most states around the country if not all. What is comprehensive auto insurance? First party or fully comprehensive insurance is the sort of insurance that would provide you … (more) August 5, 2010

  • How does the car you own affect your insurance rates?

    So, are you planning to buy a new car? You should be ready to face the facts and be prepared to get the right kind of insurance for it. All car owners worry about one thing – the insurance for their vehicle. Since this is the parameter that is going to cost them a lot of money, it is probably … (more) August 4, 2010

  • How do I apply for a new car insurance policy?

    Car insurance is the law in most states and hence is not just an added advantage anymore. It’s a necessity. The first thing you need to do is decide what sort of car insurance you need. You need to find out your local state law limits and based on this you must start shopping around. But in most cases your … (more) August 3, 2010

  • How to choose a good auto insurance company?

    There are many factors that you can consider while choosing auto insurance companies today. One often wonders what to do in order to get a good deal and have a good insurance to back you. The truth is that there are a lot of ways in which you can identify whether or not you are in fact opting for auto … (more) August 2, 2010

  • What are the auto Insurance laws you need to know about?

    The thing about auto insurance is that it is not the same in all parts of the country. Depending on where exactly you reside and also where your car is registered in, the laws will vary. It is your responsibility to be aware of all these rules and regulations so that you don’t end up in any sort of trouble … (more) August 1, 2010

  • How can I ensure the safety of my car?

    The number one deciding factor when purchasing a car is safety.  Through verification, you could ensure the safety features of your car for your family and for yourself. Your car is not just safe; your loved ones’ lives are safe too. Having a good management for the safety of your car entitles a reward and that is cheaper insurance quote. … (more) July 31, 2010

  • What are the other insurance coverages that I can avail?

    There are quite a number of insurance quotes or policies that you can purchase. Some of these policies outdo what the basic coverage can offer. Those policies are more specific than basic coverage. To know those policies, here is the list of additional policies that you might like for your car. PERSONAL INJURY PROTECTION COVERAGE (PIP) This policy offers the … (more) July 30, 2010

  • Can I drive my car without getting insurance?

    The answer is yes of course but it all depends on which state you live. Majority of the states implement a very strict car insurance law and when not followed, could lead to heavy fines and penalties, revoked driver’s license, impounded car and a police record. On top of that, in case of car accidents caused by you, you have … (more) July 29, 2010