What Are The Common Auto Insurance Terms That I Should Be Aware Of?


When out in the world shopping for auto insurance, you are bound to come across a number of key terms that the insurance agents expect you to be aware of. Chances are, you might be hearing these words for the first time. However, don’t panic as it is not very hard to grasp the language and make sense of it since there are only a few key terms that are involved in auto insurance. Once you are familiar with all of the terms, you too should be able to choose a good policy with relative ease.

The first term that you should know about is liabilities. These are what the insurance companies are going to be issuing payments for in case of accidents. Each state has different criteria for specifying these liabilities. The minimum amount that you should set aside for the liability is known as minimums. By law, the auto insurance that you choose has to satisfy these minimums and any amount in excess of that is left to you. Most people would go in for auto insurance policies that are going to be more than just be able to satisfy the minimums.

The next term that you should be familiar with is deductibles. Now, this is what is defined as out of pocket expenses that you are willing to pay for. Hence, it is bound to be a value that has been decided based on your budget. If you want lower premiums on your insurance, you should go in for higher deductibles and vice versa. However, keep in mind that in an effort to save premiums, don’t cut down too much on the deductibles. When you are involved in an accident, you wouldn’t want to be stuck with an insurance policy that is not going to be paying you as much as you expected.

Coverage is the broad term used to describe how much the insurance can be paying you over the period of your vehicles life. As long as you are familiar with all of these terms, you shouldn’t find it to be too hard to get the kind of coverage that you would want. However, if you aren’t familiar with the terms, don’t be afraid of asking someone about it. Remember that without the right knowledge, you are bound to make mistakes and have a tough time trying to find out what the right kind of insurance should be like for your car.