San Jose Auto Insurance in California

Unlike in other states, you have three options in getting a San Jose car insurance policy. However, there are different premises for the three, but the qualifications try its best not to exclude a large majority. So, if you plan to get San Jose auto insurance in San Jose city in Santa Clara County California, make sure that you are aware of your options.

Understanding California's Insurance Laws: Minimum Requirements You Need

San Jose, California, being the third largest city in the state and tenth all over the country, is one of the relatively more popular cities of the state due to its continuous development over the years. And due to its size and the number of its population, it is not surprising that San Jose car insurance laws are quite different from other cities.

For one, as California is one of the more populated states in the US, it is just typical that it tries harder than other areas to reach out and answer its residents' needs. Especially when it comes to auto insurance laws, California proves to be one of the few states that can offer discounts.

So, if you're planning to get San Jose auto insurance, you must know that you have three options in fulfilling state laws of having at least a bare minimum car insurance policy. Your three options vary mostly on how you can perform and prove to be a safe driver.

Your first option would be to get the basic minimum liability insurance that consists of a $15,000 injury/death for one person, $30,000 injury/death for more than a single person, and $5,000 coverage for property damages.

Apart from the minimum liability plan, the state of California also gives a chance for those who want to save more on their policies by offering a lowered required coverage for California Automobile Assigned Risk Plan members. Once you've been approved for membership, your minimum required coverage would now consist of $10,000 per person and $20,000 per accident on Bodily Injury, and only $3,000 for property damage. This will allow you to spend less on your policy, giving you more savings.

However, qualifying for this membership has a good number of requirements, plus you would need to prove that you are a good driver from your history and through a test done with the help of a questionnaire.

Lastly, the state of California also allows you to either get car insurance or just prove your financial responsibility. In order to do this you can choose from depositing cash amounting to $35,000 with the DMV California, providing proof for self-insurance which has been certified by the DMV (only if you own more than 25 vehicles), or get a $35,000 surety bond from a licensed San Jose, California car insurance company.

Now it's all up to you which of these three you would want to avail to get insured, as long as you get one and follow US law.

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