Plymouth Auto Insurance in California

Plymouth, in Amador County, California, has a relatively small population. While it is perceived that a small population means a small crime rate, it is still important to get an insurance policy. Plymouth car insurance companies will provide different ways to be safe on the road. Also, Plymouth auto insurance companies can help you save money in the long run.

Why should You Get Plymouth Auto Insurance Policy in California?

Plymouth has a very small population, tallying only 980 residents in the 2000 census. Common notion dictates that a small population means a low crime rate. While this may give any Plymouth citizen an idea not to get an auto insurance policy, every car owner in California should be financially responsible for his or her action as stated in the Compulsory Financial Responsibility Law. In this law, the statutory minimum limits of liability insurance are $15,000 for the death or injury of any one person, any one accident and $30,000 for all persons in any one accident. Property damage cost is $5,000 for any one accident. Here are some of the answers regarding to frequently asked questions about the importance of car insurance in California:

What will happen if I don't carry an auto insurance policy?

In California, it's required at all times to have a proof of insurance. If you do not provide a proof of insurance when requested by the authorities, this may result in a fine or suspended license. Also, this would leave a bad record on your part, which in turn, would lead to higher insurance premiums.

What would be the penalties when driving without liability insurance?

When caught driving without liability insurance, judges can impound the vehicles of frequent, flagrant violators. Also, if you provide false evidence of auto insurance coverage, this may result in your driver's license is suspended. In this case, the suspension of your driving license cannot be lifted until you provide a genuine proof of insurance.

When should be a proof of insurance showed?

The legislature has passed a law that requires motorists to show a proof of insurance before the Department of Motor Vehicles renews your vehicle registration. Also, the legislation requires car owners and drivers to show a proof of insurance when stopped by a police officer for traffic violations and others.

How will I prove that I am insured?

Your car insurance company will send you a proof of insurance car. Listed in this are the covered automobiles and drivers, the policy number, and the expiration date of the policy. A temporary binder or policy is also accepted as an evidence of car insurance.

Although Plymouth, in Amador County, California, is relatively small compared to other cities, it is still required for a driver to have an insurance policy. Accidents can happen anytime, and anywhere. Being safe on the road cannot be complete without an insurance policy.

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