Three tips that will help you avoid insurance scams


If you own any automobile in the state of Connecticut, then, you definitely need to have an auto insurance policy in order to drive the car. This is a mandatory as specified by the financial liability laws in the state. Hence, every person who buys any type of automobile will opt for coverage.

There are various ways in which a person can purchase auto insurance coverage. You can either walk into any auto insurance company to apply for the policy directly or you can even purchase a policy over the phone. However, the option that is most preferred by people these days is purchasing auto insurance coverage online. This does not come as a surprise considering the fact that most people are running on tight schedules and are hard struck for time.

Though the advent of this feature has proven to be fruitful to many, there are many others who have had a not so pleasant experience while buying their auto insurance policy over the internet. This is because there are so many companies in Connecticut that sell these policies online and it is a difficult task to analyze which are legitimate and which are illegitimate companies. Thus, many people have fallen prey to insurance scams and ended up losing a lot of money in the bargain.

The good news is that there are few points that one can keep in mind while buying a policy on the internet which can prevent them from falling prey to scheming and fraudulent insurance companies.

Repute of the company

While planning to buy auto insurance coverage online, make sure that you look through a lot of company websites offering insurance in your state. When you freeze in on a particular option, don’t blindly initiate the purchase. First of all, think about the repute this company has in your area. There are many small insurance companies springing up every year offering customers auto insurance policies at throw-away rates. Don’t fall prey to them! In the state of Connecticut, there are a number of reputed companies offering auto insurance policies. It is better to opt for them even if you have to pay a few dollars more. At least, you can be rest assured that you will not be cheated of your money.

Read company reviews and get feedback

If you feel that the insurance rates for the policies from certain big companies are way too high and you would like for another smaller insurance company, then, make sure you do some background checking. Ensure that you read the reviews of the company online. These reviews will throw light on how the company is doing in the market. It will also reveal how the people who are currently holding policies with the company feel about the organization. If you read a lot of positive reviews, then, you can think of proceeding further.

Go through the features and benefits offered

One most important thing that many people miss out on while purchasing the policy on the internet is going through the details of the coverage offered. There are certain minimum requirements for the auto insurance coverage that are specified clearly for each state. Ensure that the policy you buy covers those requirements. If the policies fall short on this front, then you will surely be in trouble later on when you face a mishap.