Save on your auto insurance premium as a teen


It is unfair that all teens are judged on the basis of a few irresponsible teens; however the sad truth is that teens have statistically proven themselves to be a high risk factor for insurance companies. Although there is nothing you can do to change your premiums, or is there? Sure there is, and here is how you can keep your premium low: 

Scout the market 

There are dozens of insurance companies out there and each one can give you a better deal than the next. The trick is to keep looking; get as many quotes as your patience levels permit, they free so there is no worry there. Get online and request anything from five to ten quotes to compare. You can also look for companies who specifically insure teens and other high risk drivers as they are sympathetic to your dilemma and can offer you a lower premium than most companies. 

Keep in mind to also compare the cover you will get for your premium, a low premium isn’t everything you should be looking for. 

Keep your record clean 

You are already considered high risk and the last thing you do should be to confirm it. A spotless record is always a means to warrant a discount or a lower premium and a DUI or a speeding ticket will have you pay a few hundred more for the next five years! Sign up for Driver’s Ed courses online, they are free and the certificate is mailed to your home address directly. This is a good way to show your parents and the insurance company that you are indeed a responsible teenager. Remember that if a friend crashes your car it’s on your record and not his or hers, so it’s best to not lend your car to friends. 

Study hard 

Study hard and get good grades, not only does a student with a good grade point average impress people as a responsible young adult, it can also help you save a few bucks. Insurance companies give out discounts to good students as it has been statistically proven that students with an above average grade point average tend to be involved in fewer accidents than students with an average or below average grade point average. 

Students who prove to be studious also tend to be better at handling high risk situations and develop a sense of responsibility whilst driving on the roads.

 Get a part time job to support your car

This is not a way to save money on your premium; however it helps to be able to afford the cover you need. Most teens on the road are either insured by their parents or underinsured. The best way to show your parents that you are responsible and self reliant is to show them that you wish to contribute towards your car if not in totality at least a portion of the premium. This will also give you an incentive to be extra careful while driving. 

Request and qualify for discounts 

You can qualify for discounts based on something as simple as low mileage, use your car only when necessary to avail of this discount. If your parents are in another state and you live far away from home to study you can also avail of a discount at most insurance companies. Driver’s Ed courses can also get you discounts, so be sure to take them diligently.