Rhode Island – Tips for Saving on Car Insurance


The state of Rhode Island, like many other states in the United States had made auto insurance mandatory. This means that if any person wants to drive at any point, he must have proof of insurance along with him. Proof of insurance is any document that shows that the motorist or the driver has enough finances to take the financial responsibility of an accident, in case he is involved in one. The state of Rhode Island is a state that follows the Tort system of rules. According to this system, a person has to be found responsible for the accident by a court of law. Once a person is found responsible, he will have to pay for all the damages caused by the accident. Thus, auto insurance is made mandatory.

Every state fixes a minimum liability. This is the minimum amount of coverage needed to ensure you are not penalised. This minimum liability for the state of Rhode Island would be of the form 25/50/25. This stands for twenty five thousand dollars for bodily injury per person in the accident and fifty thousand dollars in total per accident. It also ensures a minimum of twenty five thousand dollars per accident for property damage. Property damage pays for any damage caused to cars including repair and replacement and any damage caused to buildings fences or even lamp posts. Bodily Injury covers medical costs for any bodily injury and wages, if any are lost due to the accident.

 However, these sums are not adequate. These are just the minimum needed. Auto insurance must be for much higher sums if you need to ensure you are properly covered from any damage that might be caused. The ideal sums are in the amount of three hundred thousand dollars in total for an accident with a hundred thousand dollars per person for bodily injury. As can be seen these are great sums. However, you can save up a lot on insurance premiums.

This article provides you with a few valuable tips to help you save money. One such tip would be to shop around. Go to as many different vendors as possible. Compare their quotes and select the one perfect for you. You will be bale to save a lot of money just by careful shopping. Drive carefully. This will not only ensure your safety and any costs but it will also reduce your premium. Safe drivers have very low premiums as they are low risk. IF you are planning to shift your house, plan to move into a safer neighbourhood with fewer people. The locality you stay in plays a huge role. You can save a lot of money this way. Make you care very safe. Install anti theft devices and advanced braking systems.

A safe car is a much lesser risk. Install safety devices such as automatic seat belts and air bags.  This will further reduce your premium. You can also reduce your premium by using a cheaper car. The more expensive imported cars are more likely to be stolen than the cheap local car.