Maryland – Tips for Saving on Car Insurance


The two most congested cities in the United States are Baltimore and Washington D.C. The state of Maryland covers the region around these two cities ensuring that Maryland has some of the busiest roads in the country. Under such conditions, the chances of accidents are very high. Therefore, it is not surprising that the state of Maryland has imposed very strict auto insurance rules and regulations. The state of Maryland has made uninsured motorist’s coverage and personal injury protection mandatory along with minimum liability for bodily injury and property damage.

The minimum liability in the state of Maryland is twenty thousand dollars per person for bodily injury and forty thousand dollars in total for bodily injury along with fifteen thousand dollars for property damage. The mandatory uninsured motorist’s coverage should be of the same amount as minimum liability and personal injury protection or PIP should be for an amount of two thousand five hundred dollars. As can be seen, driving on the roads of Maryland can be quite expensive. This article focuses on a few tips that might help you save some money on auto insurance.

The first and most important tip in saving money on auto insurance is the same as any other shopping. Go to a lot of vendors and get competitive quotes from each vendor. Compare shop and select the vendor carefully. Also choose the different policies with care. You do not want to be paying for policies you do not need. Compare your existing policies and only choose the services you will need. Once you have selected the services, choose the vendor who offers these services at lowest possible rates.

Maintain a clean driving record. Many companies offer a discount to people who have clean records for the past five years as they are deemed to be a lower risk. The area in which you live will also help you save money. Insurance premium is calculated based on the location and area where you stay. If you are planning to move, move to an area with lesser traffic congestion and lower crime rates. This is bound to get you a discount and help you save money. If you have a student in your house, encourage him to study well as many companies give a discount to good students. Join a carpool. This will help you save fuel, do your bit for the planet and also get a discount on your car insurance.

Raising the deductibles will help one save a lot of money. The rates will reduce drastically as the deductibles go higher. This might seem to be a problem as the person will have to pay more while using the policy but he would have saved a lot more with the lower rates. It is also a good idea to not claim for every small dent and scratch. Any small dents on the car are best dealt out of one’s own pocket as the number of claims affects the insurance rates. Higher the number of claims, higher the rate of insurance is. A good credit score will also ensure you get very low insurance rates.