The finer points of traffic laws in Georgia


Violations of traffic laws are the most common kind of criminal offences in Georgia. The following are a few laws that will help you drive safely and avoid any accidents.

  1. Move over Law: This law was introduced after there was an increase in the collision where vehicles were parked by an officer for speeding and other offences. There was a high number of death toll including high maintenance workers and police/traffic officers.                                                                      This Law states that drivers must slow-down and approach with caution when they see any vehicle parked on the side of a highway. If you violate this you can be fined up to $500.
  2. Children Seat Belt laws: This law came into existence after the “The bill of Madison” which portrayed the case of a little girl who was saved because of a booster seat during a fatal accident. This Law requires you to restrain a child under the age of 8 in the rear seat with a booster or a safety seat appropriate to their weight and height. Children under 8 can be seated in the front seat only under the exception that all the other rear seats have children. The front seat is a hot seat for airbag deployment which will cause serious injury to your child in case of an accident. You may receive up to $50 fine if you violate this law. This will increase to $100 if you are caught the second time.
  3. Super Speeder Law: There is approximately one death due to speed driving everyday in Georgia. This law states that. The driver will be charged of speeding if he/she is found to be driving at a speed of 75mph or more on highways or two-lane roads. The driver will also be charged if he/she is driving at 85mph or more on any road. The fine charged is $200 and you will be intimated within 30 days with a first class mail. You will have a time period of 90 days to pay the fine or your driver’s licence will be suspended and can only be revoked with the additional charge of $50.
  4. List of most common traffic violations: You might get pulled over and ticketed for any of the following violations by a traffic officer. You need not pay the fine or go to court immediately but can take the assistance of a Traffic Ticket Attorney.
    1. Aggressive, Reckless driving
    2. Improper changing of lanes
    3. Improper U turns
    4. Improper Lane discipline
    5. Disobedience to adhere to traffic signals and signs
    6. Obstructing traffic flow
    7. Open Container law: This law ascertains “open alcoholic beverage container” which
      1. Has a broken seal
      2. Is open
      3. Half empty

This law thus prohibits anyone to possess an “open alcoholic beverage container” on the roadway shoulder or curbs of public highways. Only a person who consumes alcohol will be charge of violating this law however if a lone driver is found of possessing an “open alcoholic beverage container” he is liable to be charged of violation. The fine is up to $200. The law exempts passengers and the passenger area which are primarily used to transport persons for compensation or in motor houses and house trailers living quarters.