Driving rules in the United States everyone should be aware of


Driving laws can change from one country to the next. The road rules are based on several factors – The geographical terrain, the most common type of vehicle preferred in the region, the weather etc. These factors play a huge role in affecting the risk of accidents and other road related disasters. While most people assume that traffic is the number one reason for road accidents, it cannot be farther from the truth. While safe driving can prevent traffic related accidents, there is little that can prevent nature triggered accidents. The most basic safety measure to follow would be to drive slowly. Slow driving can prevent accidents caused by heavy rains, snow or hailstorms. This is however, just the tip of the iceberg and a quick look into how and why different countries and sometimes different states in the same country can have different driving laws. 

Driving in some states in the United States can be the toughest drive one ever took. From traffic jams to fast driving, the country sees it all. There are some basic traffic and driving rules that the government has framed. Each state has its own set of rules that apply to drivers driving within that state. The change in regulations from one state to the next can be in relation to speed and right of way etc. 

The basic regulations 

These are some of the basic traffic rules that are uniformly accepted across all states in America.

1)    The speed limit: The speed limit for vehicles in the US is around 65 – 70mph. The speed regulations can wary from state to state.  Speed limits are taken very seriously in the United States. The penalty for over-speeding is a ticket and repeated offenders can have their licenses revoked. Associated with over – speeding, is reckless driving. Fast reckless driving is one of the main causes for road related accidents that are most often, fatal. The speed limit within the city is therefore is lesser than the speed limit allowed on the highways.

2)    Road etiquette: Following road rules and driving responsibly is the duty of every citizen. Bad road sense can endanger several lives. Driving under the influence of alcohol or other such mind altering substances is punishable by the law. There is a high incidence of young drivers driving drunk or high, causing a threat to the lives of the other drivers and pedestrians. The United States has gotten very strict about DUI. Repeated offenders have to surrender their licenses and show up before the local magistrate.

3)    The right of way policy: Everywhere, across all states, the right of way rules applies. This rule states that the some vehicles are to be given the right of way at all times. Ambulances, Fire Engines and Police vehicles are listed as the vehicles which deserve the right of way at all times. Similarly, bikes are also given the right of way. The right of way rule can also be added to by the states. The different states can choose to add to the list of vehicles or road situations that qualify for the right of way ruling. 

These are a few of the general traffic ruling made by the Government. The rules are basic and each state makes additions to these fundamental rules. The state made rules only apply to those driving within the state or passing through it.