Auto insurance for teenage drivers in California


Getting an auto insurance policy for your car is always a huge task that everyone with a car has to deal with at some point of time. If you already have an auto insurance policy and are looking for an upgrade or different policy with other features, you really do not need to worry much. And this is for people who have a good track record with the department of motor vehicles. But if you are a teen driver and have just got your license, then things can get tricky.

Insurance companies consider teenage drivers to be high risk drivers. The reason behind this is the statistical data which shows that the percentage of teenage drivers meeting with accidents per year is more than the percentage of adult drivers under going the same situation. The reason for the statistical data can be varied. But the fact remains that teenage drivers are a burden on the insurance company’s roster.

When one tries to analyze the reason behind teenagers undergoing more accidents than their adult compatriots, a few explanations can be given. The first is that psychologically teenagers are more prone to take risks than elders. It has also been found that teenage males are more likely to be involved in drunken driving cases. Another reason is that teenage drivers do not have more experience compared to adult drivers. The wide open roads of California can be an open invitation to push your new car to the limits, but a single ticket for such an offense while you are a teenager can drive your premium through the roof.

The best way to reduce your premium rates when you are a teenager is to try and convince the insurance agent that you are serious about safe driving. There are a number ways of doing this. The first step that you can take is to enroll yourself in a defensive driving class. This sort of class will help you in a number of ways. As soon as you start going for the classes, you will realize that driving is a technique which requires a lot of thought and calculation. It will help you anticipate an accident without even being in one. Apart from helping you better your skills, it will also help you convince the insurance company that you are serious about safe driving.

Also try getting a cheaper or safer car for your child. If the kid is buying his or her own car, then try advising them about the benefits of getting a car which is safer rather than a sports coupe. The problem is that if you buy a sports car or any other high performance car with low safety features, the risk of damage, injury and death goes up. And thus the insurance company will automatically push up the price of the policy in order to factor in that added risk.

Another issue that you need to keep in mind is that an accident in which a child without a license is involved, will result in the insurance company not being held liable. And the parent or owner of the car will be taken to task by the local court in California and charges will be pressed by the county sheriff if there is no victim to do so.