Auto Insurance Guide Archive for August, 2010

  • How Your Car Security Features Affect Your Insurance Rates

    by Hayden Krueger

    Car theft is everywhere and continues to rise dramatically each year. Because of the need of the car owners to protect their investments, many car manufacturers have resorted to develop new ways to combat and help drivers protect their vehicles from thieves.

    Products such as motion sensors, remote boot, and car alarm systems have been in the market for years.  Highly sophisticated systems such as the global positioning satellite receivers, black boxes, and other instruments that hook you up with web services are becoming more common.

    I outlined below few of these hi-tech gadgets that you can install to increase the security features of your car. 

    Black boxes. Part of the automatic system that resides inside the car and its main purpose is to monitor all its activities. It has a small recorder capable of storing data from the car’s control systems. The stored data in the black box can … Click here to read more

  • The Many Facets Of Auto Insurance Discounts in Nevada

    by Hayden Krueger

    I have not met a single driver in Nevada who does not buy the idea of lowering down the insurance premiums. In my quest to search for ways to reduce the rates, I have discovered that insurance discounts do exist and only for those who ask for it. So why not ask your insurance company the next time you talk to them.

    Discount for safe drivers. This type of discount is for the drivers who have successfully maintained a spotless driving record for many years with no tickets issued or violations. If you do, auto insurance companies will like you because your probability of filing an accident claim is remote simply because you are a safe driver.

    Discount for safe cars. Installing additional seatbelts, airbags or anti-lock brakes or any other security features to your vehicle can slash down few hundred dollars off your premiums. The safer your car becomes, … Click here to read more

  • What is The Auto Insurance Requirements In Your State?

    by Hayden Krueger

    Each state in the U.S. has its own set of basic requirements when it comes to auto insurance.  If you drive in Michigan, you are most likely need to have an insurance coverage to back you up in case of accidents.  Needless to say, the same story holds true for all the drivers from other states.

    The State of Michigan mandates that every single driver should acquire at least the minimum liability coverage. However, there are instances that the minimum coverage itself is not sufficient to cover all the possible costs that bring us to the idea of having supplementary or additional policies. 

    No matter how safe driver you have become there is no 100% guarantee that shields you from irresponsible and reckless drivers. As a driver, a basic liability coverage protects you from the unnecessary financial losses and expenses. Without it, your personal money and belongings could be swept … Click here to read more

  • Understanding How Insurance Rates Are Calculated In Alabama

    by Hayden Krueger

    You might be wondering how insurance companies calculate your auto insurance premiums. For many years, I thought about it as well. Luckily, I found out the answers and this is what this article is all about.

    Depending on your location, your local government or the insurance companies in your area normally determines your auto insurance rates. Using pre-defined regulations set by your local administration, insurance companies are able to give you fast and accurate calculations.

    When insurance companies determine your rates, it does not rely on one single factor alone. What they do is like a puzzle, which tries to combine all sorts of elements and using their special formula to arrive at your individual insurance rates. Interestingly, not all insurance companies see these elements all the same, and that is why there are slight variations with the computations itself if you try to compare the quotes from the other … Click here to read more

  • Back To The Basics: Understanding Your California Auto Insurance Coverage

    by Hayden Krueger

    To reduce your insurance cost effectively is to understand the basic terms of insurance itself. I have known many people who are still unfamiliar with the terms, even if they had it for a long time already. New policyholders can be forgiven but for somebody who has been insuring his vehicle for many years is not. This article will guide you to some the common terms regularly used in the car insurance industry.

    Deductibles. You will pay this amount before filing a claim. Auto insurance companies will ask how much deductible you are willing to pay. The rule is, the lower your deductible the higher your insurance premium rates. Therefore, if you want to save money, go as high as you can afford. In return, discounts can be extended to you.

    Minimum Liability Coverage. Most states are requiring each driver to have at least a minimum coverage. This takes care … Click here to read more

  • Bad Driving Record: An End of Your Driving Career?

    by Hayden Krueger

    Are you one of the many drivers whose driving records are smeared with violation tickets and accident records? Maybe you thought that you are not going to save on your insurance premiums – ever. Well, that assumption is not entirely correct because there are still ways to save money on your insurance premium.

    The first thing that you should do is to improve your driving record. A lot of drivers violate speed boundaries, traffic signs and signals, and above all being careful in driving. Additionally, it is also a good idea to settle down as fast as possible, any debts that could affect your credit history.

    Choose what is best for your pocket. Needless to say, expensive cars command for high insurance premium rates. If you drive a less expensive vehicle, you could opt not to use insurance coverage that you do not need such as comprehensive or collision coverage. … Click here to read more

  • Cheers To Your Low Auto Insurance Rates

    by Hayden Krueger

    Majority of the American people, who need to work hard to earn a living, would be happy to hear about the things they can do to lower down their auto insurance rates.

    The deregulation of the petroleum industry has not made any significant changes as to the lives of the average person but unexpectedly made few significant changes in auto insurance industry by having the insurance provider compete with each other to gain more customers.

    As you may have noticed, many insurance companies send out brochures and info materials to their potential customers and at the same time offering their so-called cheapest insurance rates in town. While these rates may work for the selected few, this does not mean it will work for you too. Your coverage requirements may differ from that of your friends or neighbors, even if you own the same car model. Therefore, when purchasing for your … Click here to read more

  • Get Your Car Ready For The Next Summer Vacation

    by Hayden Krueger

    Do you really need to get your car ready for summer vacation? I think yes, and it only involves few steps that could potentially save you thousands of dollars especially if you are driving far from home.

    Check Your Car’s Cooling System.

    If the cooling system of your car fails, expect a roadside breakdown in a mile or two. Cooling your car’s engine is the job of the radiator. It is one of the most hardworking mechanisms of your car which also very susceptible to wear and tear. Therefore, always make it a point to have it checked regularly especially if you are planning to drive long distances.  Check the radiator for possible leaks, loose joints and the hoses. Replace them immediately if they are starting to dry up or cracks start to show off. You would also need to replace the coolant yearly.

    Check The Other Fluids.

    Your car … Click here to read more

  • Protecting Classic and Antique Automobiles

    by Hayden Krueger

    Collecting rare pieces of art, jewelries, stamps or antique furniture have long been regarded as a unique source of excitement for countless people. In fact, there are even those who spend a fortune to start a classic and antique automobile. These rare pieces of craft are priceless and every care is to be taken to preserve them. Taking care of a vintage automobile is not a cheap pastime and therefore, the need to protect them should be the outmost priority.

    Unfortunately, when these items are stolen or damaged many of its owners will be shocked to know that their priceless automobile collections do not even have a full covered by any type insurance even with their regular homeowner’s policy coverage.

    Perhaps you might be wondering if a regular insurance coverage is enough to cover your vintage collection – the short answer is no. They are different in many aspects, and … Click here to read more

  • Some Common Questions About Auto Insurance

    by Hayden Krueger

    One insurance policy could work flawlessly for you but possibly not for the other drivers. This is because each driver has his/her own set of requirements when it comes to auto insurance. There are also other variables that need to be considered, as this will greatly affect the outcome when the policies are finalized. 

    Factors affecting auto insurance rates.

    Not a single insurance provider relies on one factor alone when computing insurance rates. As a policyholder, some of these factors are controllable such as choosing an inexpensive car instead of a sports car or increasing the deductible to lower down the annual or monthly insurance premiums.

    If you bought a car, and you still owe some money on it, you may be required to purchase a gap insurance, which is basically used to protect the difference between the car’s value and your debt. Just be careful when purchasing this policy … Click here to read more

  • Teens Driving Safely: Here’s How To Do That

    by Hayden Krueger

    If you are a parent of a teen driver, you know how hard it is to trust your child to drive on his own. But since you cannot drive him forever, eventually you will find yourself in this situation a bit sooner.

    It is the end of the school year again and graduation is the sweetest time of a child’s life. There is a whole new life ahead of him but not for the too many whose dreams have been cut short by a car tragedy which could have been prevented in the first place. Driving requires common sense where every parent and child should know, and since your child will be getting his own wheels in the coming weeks, spend time to instill these tips into him.

    Do not party on the car.

    Many states are now monitoring closely the number of passengers that can be carried by a … Click here to read more

  • Auto Theft – What Are The Good And The Bad News?

    by Hayden Krueger

    Is there such a thing as good news if we are to talk about auto theft? Yes, there is and it is heading downward. However, recovering the stolen cars remains extremely difficult.

    The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NCIB) has published a report that a steady decline of car theft started in 2004. Unfortunately, LoJack Inc., a company that manufactures car protection systems reveals that while there is a steady decline in car stealing, it is also getting a lot harder for these vehicles to be returned to their owners.

    What Is Happening?

    Many of today’s car owners are seeing the benefits of installing protection systems to their vehicles.  For instance, LoJack provides anti-theft systems that will make it for the thieves to snatch your vehicle. A wide array of car protection equipment such as the good old car alarm system, wheel locks, anti “hot-wiring” mechanisms, the “smart keys”  that use … Click here to read more

  • California Drivers Using Pay As You Go Insurance

    by Hayden Krueger

    Over the last two years, many drivers in Texas have benefited from low cost auto insurance by using an innovative pricing model dubbed as “pay-as-you-go”. Today, drivers in California will have the chance to try a similar model that would ultimately bring down their insurance premiums.

    Auto Insurance Based On the Actual Mileage

    If you have been driving for a long time, you know when buying insurance, your rate will be based on the estimated number of miles that you are going to drive each year.  For instance, the policy should have a list that says “under 12,000” or “12,000-24,000” miles, and so on. If you do not drive that much, you would normally choose “under 12,000” but in reality, you would only drive like “5,000” miles a year and still end up paying the same amount set for “12,000” miles.

    In Texas, MileMeter introduced the nation’s first “pay-as-you-drive” auto … Click here to read more

  • Few More Ways to Raise Your Auto Insurance Premiums

    by Hayden Krueger

    A good driver knows that if he wants to pay high premium rates, all he need to do is to involve in a car accident, collect citations for car speeding or perhaps being convicted for using drugs or alcohol when driving. Well, here are few additional traps that we have identified and surprisingly, most people do not mind them at all.

    For those who like to tinker their engines or with road daredevil partners, this one is for you.

    Horsepower and Premium

    You may have observed that a large vehicle with a powerful engine will definitely cost you high premiums as compared to small and low-powered engines. But what many drivers failed to understand, is that the moment you increase the horsepower of your car by adding high performance heads, high flow exhaust systems, turbochargers or all of the above – there is a likelihood that your insurance premium will … Click here to read more

  • How to Find the Best Car Insurance Agent

    by Hayden Krueger

    Have you been in a situation where you desperately in need of a good physician, an extra ordinary lawyer or an understanding psychologist? Well, finding a good insurance agent is not much of a difference. You need someone that you can trust and has the integrity and experience to give sound advices. The same person must be able to tell you what you need to hear and not necessarily, the things that you want to hear.

    While many insurance agents understand your needs to have the lowest insurance rate possible ever, this does not mean that he will hold on to this idea even if that inexpensive policy will never provide the coverage that you need.

    Getting Any Few Referrals

    Referrals are good and you can start out by asking your trusted friends, family members or relatives. Online referrals are getting popular these days but make sure you meet the … Click here to read more

  • Learning Defensive Driving 101

    by Hayden Krueger

    Is it true that being a defensive driver can help reduce your insurance premium? Read on.

    I am not sure if you have heard this story already about a man who filed his first insurance claim after 34 years of driving. Asked how he managed to achieve it, he graciously answered that he simply assumes that all drivers on the road are there to hit him. Although this situation is a bit paranoid and not exactly the situation where we all want to be, but his driving habits are all attributed to defensive driving Sadly, defensive driving is no longer as common as they used to be.

    Few Tips about Defensive Driving

    Be a loner

    Have you noticed on freeways and highways that drivers tend to pack themselves together? This amazes me a lot and the bitter truth reveals the all-time high 90% collisions occur for that situation alone.  Why? … Click here to read more

  • Arizona Auto Insurer Lowers down Costs

    by Hayden Krueger

    Talk about good news – here is one for you.

    While most drivers in many U.S. States are suffering from high insurance rates, the story in Arizona is a bit different. Back in March, American Family, a Wisconsin-based company began offering their discounted rates to Arizona drivers. As we already know, this company is considered the third largest underwriter of casualty and property policies and ranked number five in the U.S. auto insurance arena. A weekly report revealed that the drivers in the Grand Canyon State would soon start to see a decline of as much as 7.2 percent in their insurance bills.

    However, this is far from a big celebration because not all drivers will benefit from the discounted rates. People who drive old vehicles or those who are just carrying the minimum liability coverage as required by the Arizona law will be excluded.

    The benefits

    If you own … Click here to read more

  • High Insurance Rates for Payment Gaps

    by Hayden Krueger

    Have you been into a situation where you are being charged with high rates because of lapses in your insurance payments? Well, there is nothing new to that, and sadly, it is becoming a standard procedure for insurance companies to reprimand their consumers for late payments.

    Late payments such as a day or two are usually “forgiven” by most insurers and some of them even offer a “grace period” before they cancel the policy for non-payment.  And while you stay with the same company, nothing will be changed or even if you switch to another company, the same circumstances may be used to justify their actions of giving you such high rates.

    Regular lapses prompted many companies to impose a penalty for two possible reasons. First, this reflects that you are being irresponsible legally and socially and second, is to avoid conflicts when claims are filed for liability and damages … Click here to read more

  • Auto Insurance Shopping Will Save You Money

    by Hayden Krueger

    The term shopping not only applies to the merchandise that you buy off from a grocery store, but also to the non-conventional products such as auto insurance. Back in 2009, many consumers have realized that shopping is indeed one way to save money. According to the website PRNewswire, the number of people who are relying for online purchases for their auto insurance policies have grown rapidly.

    The virtual world of insurance

    Back in the 80’s, the use of the Internet is limited to the academics and military applications. Only during the 90’s when the Information Superhighway was finally opened for public use and its full potentials were felt. The World Wide Web became the center of commerce for products and services apart from being the entertainment and data portal.

    A reliable company, ComScore Inc., released a report about the latest buying trends for those who buy their auto insurance online.  … Click here to read more

  • The “No-Fault” Insurance Law: Is it a Foe or Ally?

    by Hayden Krueger

    We can start this article by understanding what a “no-fault” car insurance is. In non-technical language, “no-fault” means your insurance provider will pay you regardless of who instigated the collision accident in the first place. This means you will be restored, compensated and all claims are paid – period. The downside is that many of the victims are not able to file legal cases over injuries and losses on civil courts because of the jurisdiction itself. Let us take, for instance, in the States of Kentucky, Pennsylvania and New Jersey where they are being offered with two options. “Full tort” means that you will have all the freedom in the world to sue while the “limited tort” applies when you have decided to purchase an auto insurance policy. If you later change your mind, you may have to drop your current policy and have a new one written for you.… Click here to read more