What is The Auto Insurance Requirements In Your State?


Each state in the U.S. has its own set of basic requirements when it comes to auto insurance.  If you drive in Michigan, you are most likely need to have an insurance coverage to back you up in case of accidents.  Needless to say, the same story holds true for all the drivers from other states.

The State of Michigan mandates that every single driver should acquire at least the minimum liability coverage. However, there are instances that the minimum coverage itself is not sufficient to cover all the possible costs that bring us to the idea of having supplementary or additional policies. 

No matter how safe driver you have become there is no 100% guarantee that shields you from irresponsible and reckless drivers. As a driver, a basic liability coverage protects you from the unnecessary financial losses and expenses. Without it, your personal money and belongings could be swept pretty much easily. 

There are several options that you can choose to supplement the basic liability coverage imposed by most U.S. States. Interestingly, there are five states in the U.S. namely: Virginia, South Carolina, Tennessee, New Hampshire and Wisconsin that do not restrict their drivers to carry the basic liability coverage if they fall anywhere between the said conditions:

In the case of New Hampshire a liability auto insurance is required if they are convicted of DWI or committed a huge number of violations or driving tickets.

South Carolina requires that each driver who owns a car should possess a liability insurance. Whereas those who do not own a vehicle or for those families who do not own a car are excused from the States’ requirements.

If you are driving around Tennessee, you are not required to get a liability auto insurance. However, it gets bitter if you receive a ticket or involve yourself in a car accident that results to more than $50 of legal injury. Your driver’s license could be suspended if you do not have that particular insurance coverage. My advice is to get one and do not wait for this situation to fall in your lap.

In the State of Virginia, the law mandates that you can carry Uninsured Motor Vehicle fee as a substitute for having an auto insurance. You pay $500 for each vehicle registration. This is not an insurance payment, and you are entirely held responsible for all future expenses as to the damages caused by the accident if you are at-fault. 

Lastly, Wisconsin is quite lenient when it comes to bringing proofs of your auto insurance. However, you are still required to have the basic liability coverage. Proofs of insurance are only needed if your driver’s license is canceled, or the driver is below 18 years of age, and lacks supporter.

Auto insurance in probably one of the most important documents a driver should have. Although we pay for the things that we hope will never happen in the first place, an auto insurance coverage puts our mind at peace that in case something bad happens to us, someone is there to help us.