The Many Facets Of Auto Insurance Discounts in Nevada


I have not met a single driver in Nevada who does not buy the idea of lowering down the insurance premiums. In my quest to search for ways to reduce the rates, I have discovered that insurance discounts do exist and only for those who ask for it. So why not ask your insurance company the next time you talk to them.

Discount for safe drivers. This type of discount is for the drivers who have successfully maintained a spotless driving record for many years with no tickets issued or violations. If you do, auto insurance companies will like you because your probability of filing an accident claim is remote simply because you are a safe driver.

Discount for safe cars. Installing additional seatbelts, airbags or anti-lock brakes or any other security features to your vehicle can slash down few hundred dollars off your premiums. The safer your car becomes, the bigger the discount you get and the more money you save. Paired it with your clean driving record, and insurance company will be more than glad to accommodate you.

Multiple vehicle discount. Owning more than one car and insuring them under one company would usually merit for a discount. The same story applies if you try to insure multiple drivers under the same company.

Multi lined discount.  If you have other insurance policies such as home or life, why not ask your insurance company if they offer car insurance too. Insurance companies liken it when you have multiple policies with them, and they will probably give you a huge discount. Apart from that, you could be enjoying lower premium rates as well.

A defensive driver discount. Finishing a defensive driving training or any safe driving course can lower down your premiums a bit. As we all know, defensive drivers will have a fewer road accidents, tickets or violations, and they will probably be less likely to file any claims.

Student discount. If you are a student and having good grades, make sure you ask for discounted auto insurance rates from your provider. A B point and above will have higher chances of approval.

Military discount rates. Some states grant auto insurance discounts for military personnel. Other forms of discounts are also extended for people who are deployed abroad.

Low mileage discount. If you do not drive that much and instead of using car to work you get to the bus instead, then without a doubt you deserve for huge discounts. Many insurance companies will look at your driving habits and the distance travelled when determining your rates. If your driving distance is less than 10,000 miles each year, be sure to tell your insurance company and ask for a lower rate. 

Loyalty discount. If you are being loyal to your insurance company, let us say you have been with them for 20 years, they will more likely to award you by having a lower premium rates The longer you stay with them the higher the discount you get and in some cases grant you an accident forgiveness.

Individually, they could not bring any major changes on your rates. However, availing two or more will definitely make a huge blow of slashing down the rates and in return save you a lot of money.