Few More Ways to Raise Your Auto Insurance Premiums


A good driver knows that if he wants to pay high premium rates, all he need to do is to involve in a car accident, collect citations for car speeding or perhaps being convicted for using drugs or alcohol when driving. Well, here are few additional traps that we have identified and surprisingly, most people do not mind them at all.

For those who like to tinker their engines or with road daredevil partners, this one is for you.

Horsepower and Premium

You may have observed that a large vehicle with a powerful engine will definitely cost you high premiums as compared to small and low-powered engines. But what many drivers failed to understand, is that the moment you increase the horsepower of your car by adding high performance heads, high flow exhaust systems, turbochargers or all of the above – there is a likelihood that your insurance premium will increase too. Well, you might be laughing right now and thinking that it is not going to happen and that your insurance agent will never know about the modifications you have made – well, yeah, but not until you file a claim.

Here is the issue: when you modify your car, the value of those added parts is absolutely more than the vehicle itself. When you file a collision claim, your insurer will only pay for the declared amount during the time the vehicle was insured and since you did not declare the modifications, then the possibility of filing a claim for the missing or damaged parts would be very slim. These include accessories from fender flares to spoilers that improve your car’s beauty.

Being Born To Be Wild

Most women dreamed of being with a rugged, adventurous and handsome guy all their lives; the one that plays on his own rules or is not even afraid to make bold stunts on the freeways. Now, that you want to marry him, check his driving records first. Is he a reckless driver? Is he been into numerous car accidents (minor one counts)? Well, for all you know, his records will reflect on you. Really, and if you decide to add him into your insurance policy, expect a 100% increase to your current rate.

Think and Choose

Nobody wants to drive around the city with a car that is spewing with pollution or a car that looks like your grandpa gave to you. If everyone were given a chance, undoubtedly, they would choose to drive those sexy, shiny, sleek and high performance cars such as a sports car. We are talking about Porsche, BMW Z-4 or the Corvette here. These cars are downright expensive and insuring them is equally as well. Insurance providers can tell that people who drive around these types of cars engaged in risky driving business. Additionally, their past records show that many car owners have filed claims more than any other type of vehicle insured to them.

There is nothing wrong with thrills and expensive cars as long as you can afford it. However, if you are the type of person who is looking for ways to cut back the cost and is only interested to be in point A and point B, then a cost effective and safe vehicle is all you need. Go get a four-door sedan and do not forget to install additional safety features to it.