Pennsylvania Auto Insurance Discounts


There is no doubt about it; car insurance can be an expensive proposition today. However, the law in most states requires all drivers to carry a certain amount of insurance coverage. So what is the answer? Shopping around for the best discounts is a good start. This article will offer tips on how to find the best discounts on car insurance by asking the right questions of insurance companies.

Do You Offer Multiple Policy Discounts?

Many insurance companies provide discounted rates to drivers who insure more than one vehicle with them. Another good way to get a multiple policy discount is to include your property insurance with your auto insurance. If your insurance company doesn’t provide a discount for multiple policies, shop around until you find one that does. The savings can be significant.

What is Your Low Mileage Discount?

While some people put many miles on their cars every day, others drive relatively infrequently. The law of averages suggests that those who spend less time in their vehicles also have a lower risk of an auto accident. Shouldn’t’ you pay less for the coverage that protects you from such risk? Ask your insurance company what kind of discount they offer to low mileage drivers. Then shop around until you find the company that will give you the best deal.

What if I am a Good Driver?

A good driver can be defined in different ways. You may have never had a single accident or moving violation. Insurance companies also look at risk factors when they consider a driver’s age, gender and marital status. Even school grades can come into play with younger drivers. When you ask about good driver discounts, make sure your insurance company is taking all of these factors into consideration.

What about my Car?

Certain types of cars also warrant lower insurance rates than others. Let’s face it; if you are tootling around Pennsylvania in a red Ferrari, your rates are going to be considerably higher than if you are making the rounds in a sensible family sedan. However, the make and model of car is not the only factor. Cars that are equipped with safety features and anti-theft devices should also effectively bring insurance rates down. Make sure you take all the extras on your car into consideration when comparing insurance rates.

Understanding the many discounts available in car insurance will help you negotiate the best rate possible. When shopping for coverage, make sure you ask these question to ensure you get all the discounts you deserve.