Kansas Auto Insurance Discounts


When we think about auto insurance, we should also consider unpleasant incidents like auto accidents, bodily injuries, and even fatalities. These factors could neither be ignored nor taken lightly. If you do not have auto insurance coverage and such things happen, then you might be financially ruined by the huge amounts that you might have to shell out as compensations. However, auto insurance coverages would protect you from all unforeseen eventualities.

In the state of Kansas, the coverages that an auto driver should statutorily purchase are much more than many other states in the United States. Apart from the standard 25/50/10 coverage for personal injury liability and property damage, PIP coverages of more than $12,000, and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage of 25/50 are compulsory under the Kansas insurance law. All these would amount to a huge burden on your monthly budget and the monthly insurance premium payment would be quite substantial, compared to other states.

As such, obtaining maximum possible discounts under the auto insurance policy would be a necessity in Kansas State. Two types of discounts are offered by insurance companies when you purchase auto insurance. They are direct discounts and indirect discounts.

Direct Discounts

When you have more than one automobile, combing the insurance of all those automobiles with a single insurance company would fetch you discounts up to 10% on your total auto insurance premium amounts. However, the exact amount of discount would depend on the total number of vehicles and their types, makes, and models, apart from the present conditions of the vehicles. Further, cheaper cars and older models would get discounts, while costly vehicles and new vehicles would attract higher premiums.

The past driving history of you and your family members included in the policy are carefully scrutinized by the insurance companies. Normally, they inspect the driving records for the past 3 to 5 years. If the driving records are clean, you would be able to obtain substantial discounts. If the driving record of any person in your family is comparatively worse, it would be advisable to exclude that person from the policy coverage.

The other opportunity to obtain direct discounts is to install safety devices like antilock brakes, air bags, seat belts, and devices for children protection. Similarly, installation of security devices like burglar alarm and anti-theft devices would also enable you to negotiate with the insurance company for discounts up to 10%, if all these devices are available in your car/s.

Indirect Discounts

If you combine your auto insurance, life insurance, and home insurance and purchase all of them from one insurance company, you would be able to get discounts on the premium amounts up to 15%. Further, if you offer a higher deductible, the insurance company would give you a discount on the premium amount. Persons paying the premiums on annual or half-yearly basis get better discounts than people choosing monthly premium options. If you are able to convince your insurance company that you would not be driving too much, you would be considered a lesser risk and the insurance company would offer proportionate discount.