Auto Insurance Discounts Eligibility


The invasion of the Internet to the auto insurance industry has enabled the system to offer deals and discounts to their consumers. In the past, motorists rely heavily on what their respective insurers are telling them. The choices were limited and the quotes are pain to acquire. It takes days or even weeks to arrive, which is why asking for multiple insurance quotes were not as popular as today.

Today is a lot different and the Internet changed all that. Policyholders use online facilities to gather multiple insurance quotes from various companies with a click of a button. They are no longer restrained to just one company, and they don’t even need to speak to their insurance agents anymore. Anyone has now the ability to see the offers from other insurers.

The Internet has truly revolutionized the way consumers find their way towards benefits and discounts.

One way to qualify for auto insurance discounts is to avoid, as much as possible, to file insurance claims. It sounds funny considering that you pay your monthly premiums to collect money if you had an accident. While there are no laws prohibiting you into filing insurance claims, but common sense would tell us that if you do so, even with the slightest dent in your car, you are signaling your insurer that you are a high-risk driver, even if you are not the at-fault driver.

Typically, a customer who has not filed any claims usually gets as much as 20% off from his insurance quotes. This only tells us that insurers particularly love those who do not involve themselves in any accident or insurance claims. If you reach a record high of no insurance claims in the next 6 to 7 years, you could qualify for a 65% no claim bonus policy, often offered by most insurance providers today. Think about how much money it will save you for being a safe driver.

Another factor worth considering is the loyalty bonus or program. If you notice, nearly all insurance companies are offering perks either to find new customers or enticing the others to make that switch. In return, policyholders from the other insurance companies are offering 10% to 15% price cut if they choose to remain with them. Discounts are also possible for those who require bulk services. For example, your existing life and home insurer will offer price cuts if you purchase your auto insurance with them. You can avail of as much 5% off the price, depending upon how much your insurer is offering. Speak to your agent about their loyalty and bulk price discounts to get better rates.

Installing safety gadgets and monitoring system in your car will also lower your insurance quotes. GPS enabled car and immobilizer helps in reducing the incidence of theft, hence, insurers reward you for doing so by lowering down the rates. If you have teen drivers in your home, enroll them into some driving lessons to increase their awareness of safety driving.  Additionally, avoid using the street as your parking garage, but instead, use a covered one.  No single pill exists that will teach you how to reap insurance discounts, because, in reality, there are just too many of them. Understand your habits and work to lower your risk, and they will all come to you.