Finding Accurate Car Insurance Rates


We have been telling our dear readers that in order to find cheaper insurance premiums they need to use a comparison-shopping website in order to acquire multiple insurance quotations from various companies. These online tools will guarantee that anyone who uses it will have the chance to find affordable insurance rates that are within their budget expectations as long as they provide honest and truthful information.

Unfortunately, not all would be policyholders are able to acquire cheaper policies simply because the insurance company would have to revoke their application due to inconsistencies with the data. It is important to remember that insurance companies have their own ways to verify your answers and any forms of lying, fraud, or falsification of records will be dealt accordingly.

Being honest on your driving history

We do not want you to lie when it comes to providing information to a potential insurance company. If you will try to hide your ticket or insurance claims in the past, you will not be able to get accurate auto insurance quotations. Although when requesting for instant auto insurance quotes, the preliminary amount you get usually does not take account of your driving records. However, once you have decided to purchase, there will be an actual underwriter who will be reviewing your application. This is the reason why some policyholders find the differences from their insurance quotes and final premiums. If you lie with your driving history, there is a bigger chance that the insurance company will reject your coverage application. We would like to stress out that it is important to provide honest and truthful answers towards any citations or tickets you received in the past.

Do not lie about your car model or make

Aside from your driving history, the model of your car or vehicle is yet another factor that auto insurers are known to consider. In fact, some of those models that were classified as high-risk vehicles usually get expensive premiums. No matter how quickly you need to get insurance quotes, do not forget to indicate the right model or type of the vehicle that you are insuring. If you are unsure of your vehicle’s model or make, go to the garage and identify it. In general, sedan cars are usually cheaper to insure compared to convertibles or sports cars. But it is not a guarantee because if you have made some changes or customizations on your sedan car, it is still possible that you will pay expensive premiums than you should be.

Understand the coverage that you need to

Do you need a full coverage, just the minimum coverage or liability only coverage? We do suggest you get a full coverage policy if you loaned your car or a newly acquired vehicle. However, if your vehicle’s worth is under $1000, I would have to say that a minimum coverage policy should suffice. If you want to save money, you do need to drop the unnecessary. Make sure that you understand the implications when adding or dropping coverage. If you are unsure, it is better to speak to your insurance agent and ask for an advice. The key here is to pay as little as possible but having the right kind of protection that fits to your needs.

Do not forget to ask discounts

Do not hesitate to ask for discounts. Many people still feel ashamed or dishonored when asking for price cuts. It is normal for insurance companies to extend discounts, especially for those policyholders who have existing insurances with them. For instance, if you have home and life policy coverage, ask your insurer if adding auto insurance policy to your existing account would entitle you to receive cheaper rates. If you have a clean driving record, no insurance claims in the past whatsoever, attended defensive driving programs, you will not be having any difficulty of finding an insurer to offer you cheaper rates.