Arkansas Auto Insurance Discounts


Driving in the state of Arkansas without car insurance is not an option. And you must carry the minimum amounts of liability determined by your state and when you start adding on additional coverage your premiums can start to add up. Not to worry, there are a number of discounts that you may qualify for that can save you money on your auto insurance premiums. Here are some discounts that you may be entitled to that could lower your rates.

Combining Your Policies

When you bring all of your insurance policies to one company you could qualify for a discount. Companies are always competing for your business so anything you do to increase their bottom line will help you out in the long run as well.  And having your car insurance in the same place as your home, health, life or rental insurance just makes it easier for you as well.

Alternative Fuel and Vehicles

The latest discount on the market is for the newer gas efficient green vehicles. If you drive an electric car or a hybrid vehicle, you could qualify for this discount. There are vehicles introduced onto the market every day that are using alternative fuels other than gasoline to power them. Ask your insurance agent if he offers this type of discount.

Anti Theft Devices

Whatever you can add to your vehicle to protect it from theft or vandalism will not only entitle you to a discount, it will help you out in the long run. When you add any type of anti-theft device you may actually be preventing the theft of your vehicle in the first place. Adding a retrieval system like a LoJack could be vital in locating your vehicle in the event it does get stolen.

Insuring More Than One Vehicle

All you need to qualify for a multi car discount is to insure both cars under the same policy. All drivers of these vehicles must live in the same household. This is pretty much a standard discount across the board.

Anti Lock Brakes and Air Bags

Any extras that you decide on when you purchase your car may cost you a little more at the time but can actually save you money in the long run. There is a discount for anti lock brakes, especially for all four wheels, as it could play a factor in the severity of an accident if one to occur. And the protection of you and your passengers could be affected in a big way if you have factory installed drivers seat and passenger side air bags.

The Safe Driver Discount

Most companies will give you a discount if you have kept your driving record clear of traffic tickets and accident claims for three consecutive years. They may even increase the discount for every additional year you keep your driving record clean. Some companies even have a first accident forgiveness policy if your record has been clean in the past so check out both of these options.

Keep Your Grades up and your Rates Down

If you get good grades and can keep them up, besides making mom and dad proud, you can save money on your insurance policy. Maintaining a B average or making the dean’s list or a grade point average of 3.0 or higher will entitle you to a good student discount. You just have to be a high school or college student under 25 years of age. You may also be entitled to this discount if you have been home schooled by meeting the proper proof of eligibility.