Alabama Auto Insurance Discounts


It is against the law to drive without automobile insurance in the state of Alabama. But you may be able to save a little money with an array of discounts that are available for drivers in your state. There is a minimum amount of liability coverage that is required by law for your state, but when you start adding on to your coverage your premiums start to add up. Here are some discounts that you may be entitled to that could lower your auto insurance rates.

Multi Car Discount

If you have more than one vehicle you can qualify for this discount right off the bat. The multi car discount applies as long as you insure all of the vehicles under the same policy and all of the drivers live in the same household.

Factory Installed Features

If you have a vehicle that has factory installed anti lock brakes, especially for all four wheels you qualify for a discount. An airbag discount is also attainable if you have factory installed driver’s seat and passenger side air bags. Many companies are even adding side air bags to cut down on the impact when cars are hit from that angle.

Anti Theft Devices

Adding anything that you can to protect your vehicle from theft or vandalism will not only entitle you to a discount, it will help you out in the long run. The addition of anti-theft devices may actually prevent the theft of your vehicle in the first place. And a retrieval system like a LoJack would be vital in locating it if it were stolen.

An Alternative Discount

If you are driving one of the newer vehicles on the market that uses alternative fuel you will qualify for this fairly new discount. Driving a hybrid or an electric car will save you money on fuel as well as on your insurance policy. Check with your agent to see if they offer this discount.

Putting All of your Eggs in One Basket

Bundling, or bringing all of your insurance needs to one company will get you a discount as companies vie for your business. Having your car insurance in the same place as your home, health, life or rental insurance just makes it easier for you as well.

Good Driver Discount

If you have kept your driving record clean for the past three years you may qualify for a good driver discount. And if you do, some companies increase the discount each additional year you make it through without an accident or traffic violations.

Keeping Your Grades up Can Save You Money

If you are a high school or college student under the age of 25 and have good grades you could qualify for this discount. The requirements may vary from company to company but in general you must maintain a B average or make the dean’s list or have a grade point average of 3.0 or higher. You just have to be a high school or college student under 25 years of age. You may also be entitled to this discount if you have been home schooled by meeting the proper proof of eligibility.