Obtaining Auto Insurance for Senior Citizens Made Easy


Car owners above the age of 55 are usually charged higher auto insurance premiums compared to people between 21 – 55 years old. The main reason senior citizens and older adults are charged a higher premium is because insurance companies feel that as a person ages his driving skills decline. This article will elaborate on some money saving tips for senior citizens opting for auto insurance.

Stay Fit and Use the Right Medications

Senior citizens who are drive cars should try their level best to stay healthy by modifying their diet and exercising. If you have a vision problem then you should use your glasses at all times and you should take steps to prevent that your vision problem worsens. You should also go to the doctor periodically for a complete check and you should ask the doctor to give you medications that do not interfere with your driving ability. If you feel dizzy or out of breath after taking a medicine while you are on the road then you should pull over to the side and you should contact your doctor immediately. Auto insurance companies are more likely to offer healthy older adults a reasonable premium.

Opt for Driving Classes

If you are above the age of 50 then you should opt for defensive driving classes since people above the age of 50 are usually given a discount by auto insurance companies if they opt for these classes. While opting for defensive driving classes you should make sure that the training center you are opting for is DMV approved so that you get your discount after you complete the classes. The fee for these classes is usually reasonable and some driving schools give senior citizens a special discount.

Opt for Other Discounts

All drivers are offered a discount if they drive safely. Senior citizens usually benefit most from this discount since by driving safely senior citizens can not only get a discount but they can also get a lower premium. In order to drive safely you should ensure that you driver sober, you do not use the cell phone while you drive and you should drive with your glasses on. Senior citizens can also make use of the low mileage discount. In order to be eligible for this discount you will need to drive at 35 miles per hour or lesser for a specific period of time.

File Claims Carefully

While filing an auto insurance claim you should keep in mind that any claim you file goes on your record. If you file small claims frequently then chances are that you will have to pay more when you renew your premium. You should also keep in mind that when you file a claim for an accident that occurred due to your mistake then you premium will definitely increase. If you have a minor accident can pay for the damage yourself then you should try not to file a claim.

Compare Quotes

If you are changing your auto insurance provider then you should compare offers given by at least 3 providers before you commit to any one company. You should also consider opting for free quotes from multiple insurance companies before you decide which policy to opt for. You should take your time to read the agreement and understand the policy before you sign it so that you get the best offer for the lowers price.