Getting Auto Insurance for Teenage Son


It is that time of your boy’s life that you have been dreading for the past seventeen years. Yes, it is here. And there is no looking away from it. Your boy is seventeen and wants a car. In fact, he might have saved enough to black mail you into getting a car for him failing which he claims he will get that broken down jalopy for a thousand dollars. And he knows that you will not want him doing even 40 on the freeway in that bath tub!

The first step that you must take in such a predictable volatile situation is to buy the car. But before doing so, you must use all your negotiating skills to coax him into going with the safer sedan that you have been researching. Do not under any circumstance settle for the sports coupe that he wants! You will firstly end up paying a lot more for it, and secondly you will pay a bomb for its maintenance and not to mention insurance policy. Cheaper cars cost a lot lesser to insure. The auto insurance rates also largely depend on the safety features that the car employs.

The second step is to enroll your teenager in a defensive driving class. This will help him learn the nuances of driving. It will also help convince the insurance company that both you and your kid are serious about safe driving. This course is for advanced drivers and will help the kid predict different scenarios on the road. It will also be a good idea to register yourself to the course and make it a bonding experience with the boy.

Next, include your teenager under your policy. This will reduce your costs by a huge percentage. If a teenage boy goes for a policy on his own, he will have to pay at least a 100% more than you do. And if it is a teenage girl, she would need to pay at the least 50% more than a middle aged woman.

Try to incent your teen when he gets good grades. Any grade over a B will ensure that you are held in favorable opinion by the auto insurance company. This is because the insurance company feels that a person who is serious about his grades will also be serious about driving. A focused person who performs well in class is serious about being successful in life and this is all that the insurance company wants to know. They need to be sure that your teen will not take any unwarranted risks behind the wheel.

And just before you go out to get your policy, the last thing you need to do is shop around for your policy. Researching about the different auto insurance policies out there will give you an idea of the sort of budget that you must maintain. It will also help you in negotiating a good deal with the insurance company. You can get free insurance quotes from various websites online by just entering your personal details. You can conduct a small comparative study and then decide which insurance company you want to go with. But it will not be necessary to take a different insurance company due to just a few hundred dollars; this is because your insurance company will provide your teenagers with better benefits as he will be treated as a favored customer.