Auto Insurance for your Teenage Daughter


Did you know that the gender of the person who applier for an auto insurance policy plays a huge role in deciding the cost of the policy? As unbelievable as this may be, it is a fact.

The reason behind this is the statistics that have been collected over the years. It has been statistically proven that female drivers between the age group of 17 to 25 have lesser accidents than a male driver of the same age group. This is also true for traffic citations and other misdemeanors. Hence the auto insurance companies make segregation between the two groups. Though this may not be related to the topic of auto insurance itself, it brings us to the question about equal rates for health insurance.

Recently, a bill was passed in the United States congress stating that rates for health insurance must not the decided based on gender. This was because females were traditionally charged a higher rate due to the additional medical complications they face due to events like pregnancy, miscarriage, menopause etc. but until such a law is passed for equal rights for men, auto insurance rates will continue to be steeper for the kind.

The cause for the greater prevalence of road accidents among male drivers could most probably be attributed to the greater freedoms that they enjoy in young society. Now this is not freedom of the ethical kind. But it is the sort of freedom that removes other restrictions that might actually be constructive in the long run. A teenage male gets to go out more easily than a female even in a modern society like America. A parent or guardian will not necessarily drive the said male home after a party. Whereas in the case of a female, there is a more protectionist philosophy adopted by most American homes with regard to driving. Looking at the statistics, it looks like this sense of protectionism should be adopted even towards adolescent men who can otherwise go out of hand.

It can also be argued that men are more aggressive or rash than females of the same age. But there is no scientific study to provide conclusive evidence for the same. In any case, it is important as teenagers to take your time behind the wheel. It is important to show interest in learning the tricks of the trade which is driving.

If you are a teenage girl looking for auto insurance, you will most likely want to get a policy which adds you to your family’s policy. This way you can save a lot more in premium. It is also important to do some groundwork before you invest in a policy. Remember, an insurance policy is going to stay with you for a long time. in most cases, it will cover most of your adolescent life.

As a female, you need to ensure that you get maximum benefit by playing the gender card. All that the insurance companies will want to know about a female driver is whether she is competent enough behind the wheel. A good safe driving course will help you prove your point. Besides, it will also help you improve your skills behind the wheel. It is important to negotiate the deal with the insurance agent. A show of good grades can also help.