Auto insurance for recreational vehicles and trailers


Recreational vehicles are of different types. They could include snow mobiles, bikes, water scooters, and the like. But the acronym RV stands for recreational vehicles which generally include trailers, caravans and homes on wheels. But mostly they are simply trailers attached to a conventional car. We shall discuss auto insurance policies for the trailers and the car taken together as an entity.

It is more expensive to insure an RV than it is going to be for a normal car. This is because RV’s are inherently unstable due to their large size and length. If it is a trailer, it is going to be attached behind the car. And in this situation, it will not have a steering mechanism. It will sway around at corners and there is the possibility that the trailer might hit some other vehicle or stationary object. There is also the possibility that the trailer may get detached and run into a person causing grievous injuries. Hence the risk associated with driving around with an RV is much higher.

You can do your part to ensure safety for both your passengers and the people on the road. Make regular maintenance check ups for your car and trailer. The link between you vehicle and the trailer is the most crucial part of the RV. You have to ensure that it is well greased and also not rusted. If you drive in a coastal region or in a region where the roads are salted during winter, you must ensure that you get your vehicle treated with anti rust treatments.

Another factor that you need to keep in mind while insuring RV’s is the seasonal nature of their usage. Most RV’s are used only during the holidays, like during Christmas or thanksgiving. It is only during these days that most people have time to take off on a road trip. Hence you need to factor this in while making your policy. You need not pay costly premiums for your vehicle when it is lying in the garage gathering dust. You can talk to your insurance company about seasonal insurance for your car and trailer. There are a lot of auto insurance policies which vary their premiums according to the time of the year. In some cases, you can get away with paying as less as 10% of the regular cost for more than half a year. This way you can save up a lot and splurge on that vacation that you take during Christmas.

You also need to take into consideration the extra licensing that you will need when you get an RV. You will need a separate registration number for your trailer. And this registration number will be associated with your vehicle’s number. You will need a special truck license or a heavy vehicle license if your RV is large enough to be categorized as a heavy motor vehicle. It all depends on the weight of the vehicle. Your auto insurance rates will also be more for a heavier RV.

Before you go for an RV, make sure you calculate the costs involved in renting out one. If you are just going to use it during the vacations, it might be better to get rental insurance and rent out an RV during the vacation. It all boils down to the usage that you expect. It also depends on your budget and lifestyle. If you can afford it, go ahead and buy one.