Auto Insurance if you are a High Risk Driver


High risk drivers often face problems when it is time to renew their auto insurance policy since most insurance companies refuse to insure high risk drivers. If you feel that you are a high risk driver and you will not be able to find an insurance company to insure your car then continue reading. This article will provide information on all you need to know about auto insurance for high risk drivers.

Determining if you are a High Risk Driver

Before searching for an auto insurance company to insure your car you should first determine if you are a high risk driver. High risk drivers can be either teenagers or adults that have committed multiple violations. These violations include speeding, drinking and driving or engaging in unsafe driving practices. High risk drivers are usually prosecuted for at least one drinking and driving violation per year along with other minor violations. A person is also classified as a high risk driver if he has filed for 2 or more accident claims that were his fault within 1 year. Drivers that have medical conditions that affect their driving, drivers with a bad credit history, male drivers under the age of 25 years and male drivers above the age of 75 also come in this category. If you live in an area that is high in crime or you drive an extremely expensive car then you may also be termed as a high risk driver.

Finding an Auto Insurance Company

Finding an insurance company that will insure you can be hard but it is not impossible. If you are a high risk driver then you will definitely have fewer choices while you search for an insurance company since most insurance companies shy away from high risk drivers. Some insurance companies do insure high risk drivers but they charge them a high premium. These insurance companies charge a high premium since there is a lot of risk in insuring someone who has a history of getting into accidents or committing violations.

Opting for a Non Traditional Insurance Policy

If you feel that you do not have enough options or if all the auto insurance companies you have approached have rejected your application then you may want to opt for nontraditional options. Your first option is to get your car insured by obtaining insurance through your state’s Automobile Insurance Assigned Risk Plan. Each state has their own special plan for high risk drivers since most insurance companies won’t insure drivers in this category.

The upside of this plan is that you will definitely get insured but the downside of this plan is that you will be charge two or three times the normal premium. The second option is to tap into the non standard insurance market that insures high risk drivers. There are many non traditional insurance companies that will agree to insure you but they will be charging you a high premium. In most cases the premium charged by these companies will be lower than the premium charged by the state but this will depend on the number of accidents, violations and other factors that make you a high risk driver. Since approximately 385 insurance companies are part of the non standard insurance market you will surely be able to find enough options and a good insurance company to meet your insurance requirements.