What is the specialty of first party medical benefits coverage?


First party benefits coverage is a multi-area insurance cover scheme. However, in car insurance, this coverage would be termed as first party medical benefits coverage. This scheme is similar to personal injury protection coverage or medical payments coverage. The first party medical benefits would pay for the medical expenses of the policyholder and the relatives in the household, when injury occurs in a car accident. The limits and coverages vary from state to state. The first party medical benefits coverage would include the following services.

  • Medical and surgical treatment related services
  • All essential rehabilitative treatment services like speech pathology, physical therapy, etc.
  • Dental, psychological, psychiatric, and optometric treatment services
  • Nursing and ambulance services
  • All the required medical supplies, medications, and prosthetic devices

The first party medical benefits coverage would protect the policyholder, all the drivers listed on the policy, and all the relatives who are living in the same household of the policyholder. Apart from the primary first party medical benefits coverage, this coverage could be combined with other similar coverages and purchased as a package. The other coverages are first party accidental death benefits, first party combination package benefits, first party extraordinary medical benefits, first party funeral benefits, and first party income loss benefits.