What is Personal Injury Protection Coverage?


Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Coverage provides for the medical and even funeral expenses of the insured driver, his or her passengers, and pedestrians that may have been harmed by the driver. PIP essentially covers any possible expenses that may arise from harming or being harmed by another driver, or even pedestrians, as mentioned.

Also covered are the policyholder’s relatives living in the same household, other certified drivers of the same household, and in some states, family members if they are injured while in another person’s car, or as a pedestrian when hit by another automobile. PIP is highly recommended for people with limited or no health insurance, since PIP offers health / medical plans (as we shall later see). A senior, for instance, whose health insurance happened to expire, may very well avail of PIP for safety. Or, teenagers who haven’t had their papers / social records fixed yet would do well to have PIP coverage.

Personal Injury Protection is also very much advisable for those who frequently drive with a number of passengers, i.e. bus drivers, carpools, etc. This is because the plans of PIP are very much appropriate for such situations. If, for instance, you are a mother doing carpools and you happen to meet a road accident, the entire financial burden would automatically be rested on you for the medical or even death expenses of all your passengers. Having PIP gives you assurance that you shall still be financially stable even with the number of passengers you have.

Most states require their drivers to avail Personal Injury Protection coverage, and some (not all) states offer PIP coverage which comes in a package for guest passengers who may happen to be riding in your vehicle.

Those interested in availing PIP would have to know the Personal Injury Protection plans. One such plan is the Medical Only PIP Primary, which covers medical expenses for injuries and bodily harm obtained by your passengers and yourself. The Medical Only Health Primary plan is more appropriate for drivers or vehicle owners who already have their own medical / health insurance. Then there is the Full PIP Health Primary plan, which covers medical bills and death, funeral, and other service expenses for you and your passengers. The Full PIP Primary plan, on the other hand, covers more than just medical expenses for bodily injuries, but also other expenses such as funeral and service expenses, income maintenance, etc.