How can good driving habits and installation of safety features bring down premiums?


Insurance providers generally offer different rates for different people and auto insurance for students and teens depends on a number of factors. The auto insurance premiums generally vary for teens, senior citizens, housewives, and working professionals. The bottom line is that for the risky customers the premiums will go up.

According to statistics a majority of the accidents involve teenagers. This is the reason for the exorbitant auto insurance rates for teenaged drivers. The age and experience of the driver is such a critical factor. Teenagers are generally less exposed to the driving conditions and are easily distracted by a lot of things. Teens travelling in groups are more often distracted with conversations, texting messages, or talking on the phone. This is one of the major causes for motor vehicle accidents.

There are a number of certified driving courses that are offered by most driving schools and getting these certifications helps teenagers in availing further discounts as insurance providers are assured that these teens are aware of the rules and would hence be competent drivers. These driving courses will also increase the safety aspect on the roads and will help teens in maintaining a good driving record. Safe driving habits are a good thing for auto insurance rates.

Installation of safety features in the vehicles such gadgets to record the driving habits. These gadgets will record the acceleration and braking patterns. Installation of air bags, burglar alarm systems, and anti-braking systems will also help in availing huge discounts. By installing these safety features in the vehicles parents can ensure that their children’s driving habits are monitored and this will also ensure that their teenaged children learn better driving habits and are safer on the roads as they would be less reckless while driving. When the reckless driving is cut down, there would be lesser accidents on the road. Hence, insurance providers are more than comfortable in reducing the auto insurance rates to a considerable level.

Another good way to reduce premiums would be to combine the teen’s auto insurance with the other policies of the parents. When you take most of the policies from one company you will become the preferred client and can enjoy other benefits and discounts as well.

Getting good grades in school and college will help you get good discount in your auto insurance premiums. Hence, it pays to be responsible with your grades as well.