What is the key to getting low auto insurance rates for the elderly?


Driving without auto insurance is not safe both for the driver of the car and others on the road. This is the reason why auto insurance is made mandatory in all states of USA. Auto owners irrespective of their age must possess the basic required auto insurance, which is just liability insurance in most states. Although purchasing minimum insurance guarantees lesser premium every month, it surely will not cover the protection needed while on the road.

Senior drivers surely will have to pay much higher premium rates, since insurance companies consider them to be high risk drivers. Auto insurance companies consider any driver who is above the age of 55 to be a senior driver. Although there are ways to minimize auto insurance premium rates, purchasing a well structured coverage is important for the safety of senior drivers. Insurance companies offer good discounts for senior drivers since they often purchase more than the basic insurance coverage required by law. Purchasing right insurance policy at the right insurance company, guarantees lower monthly premiums.

Keys for lower premium rates:

Senior drivers must consult an insurance agent before inquiring about different premium rates in various insurance companies. Knowing about different insurance policies will help in identifying the coverage that is needed and customize the best working insurance policy. There are different ways in which senior drivers can make use of discounts to lower the premium rates while not compromising on the policy that they need.
Model of the car: Updating the car model will most certainly lower the premium of the insurance policy. Every insurance company will have a list of cars that they consider safe on roads. Reviewing this list and buying the car that is considered safest, can definitely help in lowering the insurance rates.

Safety devices: Every additional safety device installed in the car can help in reducing the risk on roads and therefore can help in reducing the premium rates.
Maintenance: if the car is poorly maintained and is in a bad condition, insurance companies consider this to be a risk on roads. Well maintained cars that are serviced timely can lower the premium rates effectively.

Routes: Senior drivers must opt for routes that do not have high traffic and high speed zones. Usually, highways, high traffic areas and high speed zones are considered high risk areas and the insurance companies charge a higher monthly premium.