Is auto collision insurance a must-have for every driver?


Auto collision is one of the most important coverage that every driver should have, since it protects the driver irrespective of the reason for collision. When a collision happens on road with any other vehicle, the liability insurance of the other driver is commonly used, to pay for the damages, if the other driver is at fault. This may be a lengthy and tedious procedure, since the other driver’s insurance company must be contacted and claim money must be released by the insurance company. What if the other driver does not have liability insurance coverage? Although it is mandatory in most states of USA, many drivers still drive their vehicles without having the necessary insurance to keep themselves, and other drivers safe on the road.

Auto collision insurance does not leave anything to chance. It protects the automobile, irrespective of where the collision happens and the fault of the driver. Collision insurance covers all damages to the vehicle resulting from a collision incidence, and either repairs or replaces the damaged parts. Here are a few points to ponder:

  • Insurance company decides whether the damaged parts can be repaired or replaced.
  • Insurance company decides which automobile service station should replace or repair the parts.
  • Insurance companies decide which replacement parts to buy. Sometimes, it will not be original manufactured parts. It will be substitute brands that can cause more harm to the automobile than help it run.
  • Insurance company decides the claim money only if the car was maintained in good condition in their records.

The policy holders need to make sure that their cars are serviced regularly and maintained in perfect condition. The paperwork should be in order to get the claim money faster. And most importantly, the policy holders must check with the insurance company and voice their concerns over the substandard replacement parts, if any. The insurance companies must provide an explanation to their policy holders regarding the use of the replacement parts and issue a guarantee over the proper working of the replacement parts. It is a good idea to get the guarantee in writing so that it can be produced when the replacement parts harm the automobile. Auto collision insurance rates can be really high for old cars that are poorly maintained. It is advisable to update the car model to get better premium rates and be safe on the road. Any insurance coverage should not be ignored because the premium rates are high. A well structured coverage can save the day in case of any unforeseen circumstances.