How can I get auto insurance for better rates?


There are numerous factors which could affect auto insurance rates. That is why it is easy to get discounts for your auto insurance policies just the same way as it is easy to pay extra if you don’t have sufficient information. Here are some basic tips that can help you get auto insurance for less than what you usually end up paying.

Every single year without claims should add value

If you have gone a whole year without making any auto insurance claims to your insurance provider or without any traffic violations, then you should cash in. Don’t just blindly renew your policy as you might be paying more than what you can manage. Talk to your insurance policy agent and highlight the fact that you have had a safe year and hence you genuinely deserve a discount.

If you are a consistent premium payer then you should try a discount

A safe driver gets auto insurance coverage for better rates. The same is the case with a responsible person who makes on-time payments. If you pay the premium on time every month and have been doing so for a long time now, your credit score would be impressive. You can highlight your consistency to the insurance provider and request a discount.

Reconsider coverage every year

Assume you took collision coverage for your second hand car 5 years ago. You might have blindly renewed your policies year after year. Take a look at what you have and think if you really need them. For example, if your car is very old, then you might consider dropping collision coverage purely because the value you get from the insurance company in case of an accident would be much less than the premiums you are paying. Try raising that deductible in that scenario if you are not comfortable altogether disposing off the insurance coverage.

If you are not switching at least shop around

When was the last time you checked the insurance rates instead of mechanically extending your policy? If you don’t want to switch your insurance company, for convenience, trust or loyalty, that is good enough. But, make sure you at least shop around to see where the market is. Things are constantly changing and with increasing competition, rates are also changing. So make sure you are getting the best rates and if not ask for it.