Do women really get cheaper car insurance?


Men do really get intrigued and sometimes envy women for having to pay their car insurance in a much lower or much cheaper price than what we males pay for our car insurance. And it is a frequently asked question for as men, why do women get their car insurance in cheaper price. To have a little more idea on this issue let me share to you what I have read in one internet article and what I have learned from a woman’s perspective on why does their car insurance are much cheaper than male’s car insurance. Women are socialized to be more cautious in their tasks to avoid mistakes and accidents. They are also trained to treat driving as a skill that needed to be practiced safely and properly. This is why they have better driving habit that they treat driving as a chore than just a task. They would drive following exactly and carefully the rules when driving especially in long miles of driving to avoid accidents.

Driving is a challenge for women because more males are drivers than women. Driving is an achievement for women that could not be ignored. Streets are dominated by male drivers but women find driving is also a way of exercising their right. They stay alert in the street avoiding accidents thus ensuring them to avail lower car insurance.

They also continuously check their car status and able to repair their car before driving. They would like to ensure that their car is in good condition every time they travel especially passing rugged roads. This behaviour would lessen the possibility of maintenance and repairing in the middle of the road. It is advantageous to them unlike for men who usually repair their car in the middle of the road compared to women.

Although women are more emotional and burst out easily, they able to control their emotions before it worsen. Women able to stay calm to avoid road rage especially in times where road is so busy and rushing. This is possible because of combined stress at work and home problems that women facing every day. It makes them more invulnerable to such stressing situations like street driving. It also makes them less prone to accidents. They are able to deal with road problems easily. Unlike men who usually found out to be more engaging in road rage because of limited temper.