Can one have ‘comprehensive insurance’ without ‘collision coverage’?


Guidelines of insurance firms and state always differ somewhat regarding if one can possess comprehensive coverage devoid of collision coverage. In case, State Laws permit, then one may be enabled to look for an insurance firm that will allow this, however the fact is that most insurance providers require both type of insurance to be over the vehicle. 

According to reputed insurance companies, ‘comprehensive coverage’ is an elective coverage, but it needs to be incorporated in the policies that are having collision coverage. 

Under true definitions of insurance coverage, these types of physical damage coverage are referred to as collision coverage and all remaining are known as comprehensive. 

One may encounter difficulties in obtaining comprehensive insurance coverage with collision, however the reverse is not a fact. One can purchase collision coverage easily without having to buy comprehensive coverage if desired. In order to have maximum protection of car, it would be better to have both comprehensive as well as collision insurance coverages on the vehicle.